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Meet Maria, IT Support Specialist


Hi! Maria as an IT Customer Service Specialist supports Capgemini’s business customers around the world. She helps in recovering passwords but also supports the repair of computer systems and communication between customers and the company. Maria did not immediately see herself in the IT industry. As she admits, it was Capgemini that made her a specialist!

See what else Maria says about her work!

The basic skills in this area of ​​work at Capgemini are foreign languages. But this is only the first step. We are looking for people who speak: English, German, French, Spanish, and many others. For example, Maria speaks Dutch.

Now imagine that the language you speak could be the beginning of a whole new career path. It can make you easily become an IT Customer Service specialist, Change Manager, Incident Manager, project manager, or Service Integration and Management consultant!

We give you tools and support, you supervise help for others.

How does it work? It’s very simple.

When, for instance, in one of the public transport networks, for example, the railway in Norway, the ticket sales system crashes and the trains cannot start, you as our agent, being in Poland, help to solve this situation from the level of access to data to a specific company.

Another example, in a Belgian chocolate factory, there was an error in the system responsible for labeling packages. Production stopped, exposing the company to losses. Chocolate factory employees contact our office, e.g. in Katowice, and talk to you. You collect information about the type of error and return to it with a response, indicating the next steps that will correct the situation and allow you to start production again.

You are the “bridge” between the client and our IT specialists. You provide Capgemini’s technical department with the essence of the problem, and then – after consultations – you provide the client with specific solutions. Isn’t it simple? Supposedly nothing extraordinary, but thanks to you, trains start in Oslo, and chocolate gourmets can reach for their favorite praline.

What do we offer?

Initial training

  • Foreign language knowledge is essential, so we will check your language skills first. We are looking for people who speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and others, e.g. Dutch, like Maria. You do not need to have previous work experience or completed IT studies. If you have them, check out our offers for specialists.
  • Initial training at Capgemini is a set of proven good onboarding practices, thanks to which you will learn the specifics of work in a specific position, learn the atmosphere and tools. It’s also time for questions and answers. Don’t hesitate, ask as many as necessary!

Personal and professional development:

  • Development programs, external courses, co-financing of education and certification, NEXT Platform with free access to Pluralsight, TED talks, Coursera materials or virtual training (e.g. Excel, VBA, RPA, customer care)

Our legendary atmosphere:

  • We do not have a strict dress code, but we have great interest clubs and access to world-changing initiatives, such as the Grant Program. We are a large company with a unique atmosphere – we make friends, share important moments and simply like each other

And other benefits:

  • Private medical care, with the possibility of purchasing on preferential terms and extending it with a package of dental services.
  • Private life insurance, with the option of purchasing an oncology package on preferential terms.
  • Additional bonuses for referring friends to work.
  • Access to Inspiro audiobooks and the MyBenefit platform (cinema tickets, Multisport card, and others).
  • Offices in great locations, leasing program, carpooling, and bicycle parking.

Join our teams!