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Capgemini Poland is 25 years old!


Capgemini Poland is 25 years old. On this occasion, we issued an „Impact Report”.

Seven locations and 10,500 employees, who use nearly 30 languages on a daily basis while working with clients from almost all over the world. Since 1996, when the first Capgemini branch was opened in Warsaw, the company has grown enough to become one of the largest investors in Business Services Sector in Poland. How was Capgemini’s road to this point shaped? The organization presents the exact data in the „Impact Report” summarizing the last 25 years of Capgemini’s operations in Poland, created in cooperation with ABSL. In addition, as announced by the representatives of Capgemini – the company is planning further growth in the coming years.

With the current employment at the level of 10,5 thousand people, Capgemini has gained and maintains the position of the largest investor in the modern Business Services Sector in Poland.

– Capgemini has been operating in Poland since 1996, but our organization grew significantly in 2004, when we expanded our operations simultaneously in several largest cities in the country – Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw (classified by ABSL as first and second level cities in terms of the size of employment and the maturity of the sector). Thus, as Capgemini, we are one of the pioneers who built the foundation of the Business Services Sector in Poland, paving the way for further investments – says Ewa Gołębiewska-Krzyżan, Chairwoman of the Country Board, Vice President, Country HR Director.

Capgemini generates over 19 thousand jobs

Employment in Capgemini centers from 2004 to 2021 increased more than thirty times. The cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of employment at Capgemini from Poland’s accession to the European Union in 2004 until today is as high as 22.3 percent. The impact of the modern knowledge-based business services (KIBS) sector on the labor market in Poland is, however, much greater than it would only result from the employment analysis. We should take into account the indirect and induced multiplier effects, i.e. jobs that were created as a result of the development of Capgemini’s business in Poland, also outside the organization itself (for example, in the offices where the company has its headquarters). Using the multiplier developed by EY[1] (amounting to 1.8), it is possible to estimate the number of jobs generated by Capgemini centers in Poland at 19.2 thousand.

– Capgemini is an organization that over the past 25 years has become the largest employer in the BSS sector in Poland. The company takes full advantage of the investment potential that our country has to offer. Among the employees located in Poland, one can find a number of experts performing roles that are critical to the company’s global development. Their part in reshaping HR and financial departments of organizations operating on a worldwide scale is invaluable and proves that Poland with its talent pool consisting of both senior experts and entry level specialists can compete with other locations in Europe. Being the largest BSS investor, Capgemini has been an integral part of the development of Poland’s job market – says Paweł Panczyj, Strategy & Business Development Director ABSL.

Organization in the sector

The ABSL research on the Business Services Sector identified 60 specific processes supported by centers in Poland. Capgemini is a leader in the country, supporting its clients in 51 out of 60 business processes, including processes in the field of finance and accounting, HR, IT and cloud services, customer service, project management, change management as well as analytics and data management.

In the structure of employment in KIBS centers in Poland by job category, specialists dominate – the average employment in the market is 53.5 percent. In the case of Capgemini, specialists fill most of the staff, and their share in employment is 58 percent. The company also has a higher share of women in employment than the Polish average. The organization stands out from the sector in terms of the participation of women in the management team (first-line management – team leaders’ level) – it is as much as 70 percent, with the overall average for the sector being 45.8 percent.

According to ABSL data, Capgemini belongs to the group of 70 percent of centers that constantly introduce innovative product or organizational changes, which proves a high level of creativity.

The company plans to develop dynamically

In the coming years, Capgemini plans even greater expansion by providing customers with new solutions and specializations. The company is just opening a new Capgemini Engineering business line in Katowice. The current branches will also grow dynamically – in total in Krakow and Katowice, the company plans to employ 600 people over the next six months. The Poznan branch, which this year celebrated its 5th anniversary, wants to double employment in the next five years. In Lublin, on the other hand, where 100 people are currently employed, it is planned to double the team in the coming months, and ultimately to increase it to 400 experts. The company has similar plans for Warsaw, Wroclaw and Opole.

– The business services industry is growing dynamically, and we are one of its leaders. We analyze the trends and needs of the market on an ongoing basis, setting new directions for our actions. It is extremely important for us that customers see the high quality of services in the field of business processes and technological solutions, and on the basis of trust, built thanks to effective cooperation, they extend the scope of joint activities to new areas that require expertise and specialist knowledge. We are proud that over the last 25 years we have had the chance to become such a significant part of the Polish market. We strongly believe that the coming years will bring us even more extraordinary projects and clients, and together with them and our employees we will be able to create new solutions and a better future, implementing new tools and technologies, while not forgetting about respect for the environment and the principles of sustainable development – adds Ewa Gołębiewska-Krzyżan, Chairwoman of the Country Board, Vice President, Country HR Director.

[1] EY (2019 r.) “Global Business Services last decade and outlook for the next years” based on the SPECTRUM EY model, on the basis of data from Statistics Poland, ABSL, Randstad Sourceright and JLL.