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Augmented Service

Research tells us that consumers happily make additional purchases from a company after a positive customer service experience. We all know that consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid for a brand that provides a personalised service or experience.  

Everyone loves great customer service. As a business, you know that service excellence builds brand loyalty and advocacy. As customers, we’ve all had that warm feeling when someone in a call centre or physical store gives us an amasing customer experience. And the concept of customer service is nothing new, dating back hundreds of years.  

So, when you consider this longevity and broad recognition of its value, why does customer service repeatedly fail to deliver on customer expectations?
With Augmented Service, we can help you create and maximise value for your customers and your brand. e help you redefine your customer service strategy, from a cost centre to a proactive and results-oriented function that generates business value. We empower your workforce with augmented tools while supporting your customer service operations, and monitoring and optimising performance. 

“As brands are redefining their approach towards building and retaining their relationship with their customers, customer service plays a crucial role. Facing enormous operational challenges to ‘do more with less’ and win market share in rapidly changing markets, brands must provide a consistent and engaging customer experience across all channels and business lines.”

Christian Schacht, Global Offer Lead Augmented Service

What we do

Transform your field service

We ensure personalised care, service convenience, and quality – and enable your field service reps to resolve issues promptly while delivering effective communication.

Field service leaders need to manage asset lifecycle, agent skills, contractor management, and much more. They also want to increase the efficiency and speed of their technicians while meeting stringent health and safety standards.

We help you transform your field service into a profit centre and a customer engagement channel. We help you improve performance across your assets and service agents, while delivering a connected service experience. Our end-to-end approach helps you to make the most of new technology opportunities, so your field agents can provide better customer service while you maintain margins – and grow.

Enhance your next-generation contact centre

Empower your customer contact centre to deliver on customer engagement, operational efficiency, and other business outcomes – all at the same time.

In a competitive world, contact centers need to embody the brand experience while engaging with customers across many channels and contributing to business results. At the same time, they seek operational excellence while making best use of resources.

We help you develop a next-generation contact centre that captures and understands your customers’ feedback and sentiments in real time. It employs qualification and smart routing, workforce optimisation, augmented agents, outbound interaction management, and outsourcing management. It also enables you to deliver efficient, accurate, and personalised responses, and gives opportunities to push up and cross-sell.

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    Field Service Lightning Accelerator

    Built on Salesforce Service Cloud, our solution elevates the capabilities of your field-service organisation – and address the pain-points.

    Digital Customer Interactions

    Drive enhanced engagement and loyalty through delivering a frictionless customer experience.

      Meet our experts

      Darshan Shankavaram

      Expert in Digital Customer Experience

      Fernand Khousakoun

      Expert in Business Process Management