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Empowered sales

Why is your customer average order value lower than the benchmark? You could increase your sales, expand the range of customer channels, build long-term B2B relationships, and turn your average salespeople into star performers.

With Empowered Sales, we help you reinforce your salesforce efficiency while delivering a customer experience consistent with consumer-facing companies. We help you build and guarantee a consistent journey all along the customer lifecycle, responding quickly and effectively to customer needs and deepening customer engagement and loyalty.

We enable you to increase sales and enhance profitability, with optimized pricing, account management, self-service capabilities, and automated transactions.

A new era of customer experience with Generative AI

Empower the next level of CX engagement

“The modern buyer is digitally connected, socially engaged, and well informed. This means sales organizations need to transform their sales strategies, processes, and organization structure. Organizations need to move from a seller-centric approach to an integrated and interdependent buyer/seller-centric approach. This approach will create a personalized, value-based experience leading to a fulfilling buyer journey, increased sales, and profitability.”

Wanda Roland, Global Offer Leader, Empowered Sales

Drive towards sales excellence with Capgemini’s Empowered Sales offer

In enterprise sales, how do disruptions impact sales transformation and the assessment of sales organization maturity?

Capgemini’s Sales Maturity Assessment offers a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s sales maturity score. This assessment helps identify specific areas for improvement, including forecasting and coaching, salespeople, sales strategy and process, buyer journey, and technology. Begin your journey towards a seamless sales transformation journey with us.

Client stories

What we do

Configure, price and quote

We can help you optimize pricing to win key deals – and you can also avoid issues with longer sales cycles and lower deal velocity.

We help you improve the performance of your product and service portfolio, so as to offer more clarity and a new level of customization that suits the size of your organization. We enable you to implement a smart pricing strategy, so you can increase revenues and margins while remaining competitive.

We work with you to enhance your sales organization while ensuring processes remain firmly customer-centric.

Sales strategy, AI, digital technology, and enablement need to work hand-in-hand through the sales journey to engage in a relevant way with their online customers.

Sales has shifted from in person, to remote, to a physi-digital model, a combination of both. Sales organizations now need to implement guided selling to combine unique experiences, insights and AI suggestions at every stage of every deal.

Guided selling is an integrated-interdependent buyer-seller centric process, typically implemented as software, designed to guide sellers through the entire sales cycle and increase pipeline visibility. Today istplaces data, AI, and technical solutions like eCommerce, CPQ, billing, and customer service capabilities as a means to help sales representative close their deals.

Our eBook guides you through the trends and challenges in sales transformation while highlighting the success stories.

    Drive revenue with Guided Selling

    Transform the buyer and seller process

    Rapid CX transformation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

    Take a more intelligent approach to how you engage with your customers and manage your business.

    Fast CPQ with SAP Customer Experience

    The digital economy has changed the buyer/seller dynamics. Buyers want to build their own quotes online in real time, customized to their needs.

    Inventive telecoms

    It’s time to switch your business strategy model from traditional products to next generation smart connected products and services. 

    Capgemini Invent

    Smart Mobility Connect

    Empowering OEMs to create the mobility ecosystem of the future designed with people at heart.

    Capgemini Invent

    Inventive shopping

    Focusing on the crucial question, what kind of retailer do your customers need you to be?

    Capgemini Invent

    Inventive banking

    Defining your role to thrive in the highly disruptive environment of next generation digital banking.

    Capgemini Invent

      Meet our experts

      Wanda Roland

      Vice President, Global Offer Lead Empowered Sales; DCX Salesforce Practice Leader Japan
      “I am an experienced consulting leader with a 25-year history of working in the management consulting industry. I specialize in multi-cloud sales, developing and leading a technology team in design and delivery, and the management of large global cloud implementations. I have delivered numerous full end-to-end global CRM initiatives, including digital operation models, digital strategies, technology roadmaps, B2B business use cases, as well as program/project management services leveraging agile, and hybrid methodologies.”

      Andrew Smith

      Vice President, Head of Salesforce CoE Europe
      “My passion is in helping organizations to leverage Digital Technology to break down the traditional barriers between IT and business, transforming them from being cost and revenue driven to one focused on what matters. The people, whether they be consumers, customers, trading partners or most importantly your employees. I work across the business and architecture teams within global and UK major brands to help them realize the value of digital channels through the “internet of things” and drive out Agile technology architectures which scale and evolve as consumer habits change.”

      Alex Smith-Bingham

      Expert in All Channel Experience, Customer Experience

      Abrar Husein

      Customer Management Capability Unit  Lead – North America FS
      “I lead the Customer management practice in North America for Financial services. I have over 22 years of experience in digital technologies in the insurance and banking industry and have scaled several practices like Mobile, Content, and Customer Management across North America and Europe.”