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The Environmental Impact of Enterprise IT in Insurance

With IT related global CO2 emissions of 4% and consumption expected to increase three-fold from 2010 to 2052 organisations across sectors must both reduce their carbon footprint and become enablers of positive climate action in parallel.

Insurance companies and their evolving policy offerings can contribute to both the way people and communities recover from climate-related disaster and the overall climate resiliency of a society. They are also positioned to meet the changing demands of consumers as sustainable practices and climate change prevention become key differentiators in an increasingly competitive insurance landscape.

recent report from the Capgemini Research Institute suggests that of the 61% of organisations which have built comprehensive roadmaps to accelerate sustainable IT implementation realised improved ESG scores, customer satisfaction and tax savings as a direct result of sustainable IT practices. we surveyed 1,000 organizations and spoke with IT executives, sustainability professionals, and others. Companies who that have already scaled sustainable IT use cases have achieved 12% cost savings on an average. However, the research found that less than one in five have a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy currently and even fewer believe their organisations have achieved a mature sustainability strategy for IT.

Yet, organisations are still largely unaware of how to implement sustainable IT practices and proactively address the environmental impact of enterprise IT: only 6% of firms having achieved a high level of sustainable IT maturity

Moving beyond buzz words to give customers what they want and reinforce your green credentials and ESG score

For insurance leaders, we defined four areas of focus in which investment in sustainability is relevant in both the short- and long-terms for individuals, businesses, insurers, and communities.

Moving Beyond Lagging to Leading
Matching a Changing Product Landscape
Take Action, Proactively
Plan for Success with Six Fields of Play

We assess insurers capabilities against six distinct pillars which are crucial to Sustainable IT operations:

How can we help?

Our ideation and delivery teams help to align business stakeholders, navigate internal obstacles and future proof your organisations outputs. Creating a sustainable IT operation is both crucial and timely so we focus on four areas proven to deliver value fast.

Sustainable IT
Sustainable IT transformationSustainable IT employeesIT for sustainable business
Setting a shared vision that includes Life Cycle Assessment enabling organisations to assess their sustainable IT maturity and develop a roadmap to
achieve their
sustainability goals.
Leveraging 50 existing
levers identified to reduce carbon emissions generated by enterprise IT through hardware, infrastructure, data and software.
Evolving employee IT consumption to embrace a culture of Sustainable
IT through a set of engagement tools and
training programs.
Leveraging new technologies to address the environmental challenges of an organisation that enables efficient data capture, evaluation and analysis, monitoring and control.

Case Studies from Our Customers: Sustainable IT In Action

Our client needed a clear strategy to reduce their IT footprint, improve the on-boarding of employees and improve their CSR commitments in the choice of suppliers and in transformation projects. They needed to produce an engaging roadmap on the IT perimeter supported by a white paper and ensure their digital real estate of multiple websites and applications were sustainable and accessible.We helped define, design and refine ambitions around 6 key work themes using our maturity assessment tool.

Shared accessible design best practices with the client’s design team.

Delivered recommendations and roadmap to move to a sustainable first approach to development
Optimised energy consumption of web and mobile front-end.

Upgraded eco-design best practices.

Design of a 5-year roadmap and budget.
 Our client needed support for the digitalisation of its activities with the implementation of new ways of working, and a particular focus on mobile and collaborative services. Cost reductions and environmental focus meant they needed to implement new cloud infrastructure to support more than 127,000 users across 60 countries and improve agility to do business today.   End to end program management, from testing, initialisation and industrialisation of the deployment by creating and steering according to 3 progress quantitative and qualitative scales (advancement, willingness, progress).

Secured and organised the application remediation dimension, a cornerstone and a major technical challenge on a G-Suite deployment.

Implementation of a training plan and dedicated events to support change dynamics, such as a global awareness event and a hackathon.
All employees migrated

100% of files migrated to Cloud (12.5 Million files)

Adoption of G Suite tools: +112% Sheets, +210% Slides, +187% Docs, +138% Forms

700+ trained users (4 training sessions by user on average)

100+ Sponsors and Project Managers, 400+ project contributors, 1000+ Champions, Event Week, Hackathon, Training and other Team-building events 

    World Insurance Report 2021

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    Sustainable IT

    is the backbone of a greener future

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