Sustainable IT

is the backbone of a greener future

Sustainable IT is the backbone of a greener future

Technology leaves an indelible mark on the environment, especially given the digital acceleration triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. But if it is to lead us towards the future we want, it cannot leave too deep a carbon footprint. Enterprise IT accounts for a significant part of this footprint. Are organisations focusing enough on making it more sustainable?

To understand their outlook when it comes to sustainable IT, for the latest report from the Capgemini Research Institute – Sustainable IT: Why it’s time for a Green Revolution for your organisation’s IT – we surveyed 1,000 organisations and spoke with IT executives, sustainability professionals, and others.

We found that sustainable IT is not a priority for most organisations – only 43% of executives are even aware of their organisation’s IT footprint. While half of organisations have an enterprise-wide sustainability strategy in place, only 18% have a comprehensive one, with well-defined goals and target timelines. Moreover, 49% lack the tools to adopt and deploy solutions and 53% lack the expertise. This leaves a mere 6% to reap the significant performance opportunities, including better ESG scores and improved brand image and customer satisfaction, resulting from being highly mature in terms of sustainable IT.

Sustainable IT is a critical element of post-pandemic recovery. To achieve it, organisations need an informed strategy, engaged employees and leadership, and sustainable software architecture. This will not only leave a greener footprint, it will also unleash the potential of smart technologies to drive environmental innovations and improvements in sustainability performance.

Sustainable IT is the backbone of a greener future. For more information on how to embed it in your organisation, download the report. Most importantly, be well and focus on the future you want.



Courtney Holm VP Sustainable Solutions, Capgemini Invent

“Digital technologies are at the forefront of sustainable development and are a key enabler to meet many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The environmental, social, and financial impact of life with or without these technologies must be considered, we are all responsible.

It is important to create strong foundations by measuring the carbon footprint of your enterprise IT today and setting ambitious targets for the coming years.

I invite you to read our in-depth analysis of the current state of awareness and adoption of Sustainable IT, the typical challenges, and how top leaders are overcoming these challenges to achieve reduced carbon footprint, improved ESG scores, as well as cost savings, improved brand image and increased employee’s retention”

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