Engagement Model for Apps Modernization: The Scale stage

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Power on to Cloud: Transforming customer experience and driving new revenues with cloud native apps

Capgemini and VMware Tanzu: for scalable cloud native application development

Our joint approach combines VMware’s Tanzu portfolio with Capgemini’s consulting, implementation, and managed services expertise – and we deliver it via a three-stage engagement model: Innovate Optimize – Scale

At the scale stage, we roll out multi-cluster managed services to operate at scale across teams.

We enable you to scale and operate applications agnostic of prevailing infrastructure, additionally enabling complete monitoring, measurement, and control of your containers.

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We provide managed services to bring in best practices, templates, and standard operating procedures to deliver further optimization, create greater efficiencies, and help reduce your costs, at scale.

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Our end to end multi-cloud managed service includes turnkey solutions and extremely convenient pricing models. Read our brochure for more information on how it can benefit your business, especially to  transform how software is developed and managed across multiple teams.

Visit our solution page for insights on how we can facilitate an end-to-end transformation of your customer experience and drive new revenues with cloud native apps.

The Scale stage

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