Engagement Model for Apps Modernization: The Optimize stage

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Power on to Cloud: Transforming customer experience and driving new revenues with cloud native apps

Capgemini and VMware Tanzu: optimizing for modular cloud native application development

Our joint approach combines VMware’s Tanzu portfolio with Capgemini’s consulting, implementation, and managed services expertise – and we deliver it via a three-stage engagement model: Innovate – Optimize – Scale

At the optimize stage, we optimize deployments of multiple containers with a continuous measurement and optimization framework. We use the Kubernetes cluster management platform to orchestrate the networking, storage, security, image registry, and general computing of your containerized workloads.

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By automating repetitive tasks using DevOps microservices and Infrastructure-As-Code principles, we enable you to reduce the burden of managing containers.

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We use our bespoke Kubernetes and Kubernetes native tools to optimize deployments at scale, supported by a continuous measurement and optimization framework. Read our brochure for more information on how it can benefit your business, especially to  speed up the development lifecycle with a modern software supply chain.

Visit our solution page for insights on how we can facilitate an end-to-end transformation of your customer experience and drive new revenues with cloud native apps.


The Optimize stage

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