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Meet Tomek, Architect


Good morning! Meet Tomek! Tomek believes that the key to success in combining business and IT is dialogue, transparency, and a good understanding of the problem that we are trying to solve with technology. Tomek has been working at Capgemini for over 10 years, currently in the PROJECTS & CONSULTING area. His duties include strategy planning, business consulting and sales assistance, planning and implementation of modern solutions. However, there are also other jobs in the area of PROJECTS & CONSULTING. But first, let’s see what Tom himself says about working at Capgemini:


  • Testing and Applications Management
  • Cloud & EUS Engineering
  • ServiceNow Developers
  • AI & Analytics
  • Architects
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Adoption
  • Projects and Programmers
  • Tools Development

At Capgemini, we support clients using the knowledge, experience, and commitment of our specialists in their projects, usually, they also play advisory roles, such as Tomek, who holds the position of Enterprise Architect. But the area of PROJECTS & CONSULTING also includes modern IT solutions, technological know-how, and business strategy planning.

What distinguishes the team on the market is not only cooperation on innovative projects and training development opportunities in areas such as MS Azure, AWS, Google, or ServiceNow, but above all the legendary work atmosphere. Great people, internal interest groups, free dress code, or joint meetings, also virtual, are waiting for new talents and technology enthusiasts who would like to join P&C!