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Meet Magda, React.js Developer

In IT we do REACT!

Hi! Meet Magda! Magda develops her skills and career as a REACT developer. Analytics, logic, and supporting the work of the team are her everyday life. In his position, she deals with applications and programming, using technologies: REACT, Redux, TypeScript and Material-UI. As she says herself, she is eager to play the role of Scrum Master from time to time.

Listen to how Magda talks about her work.

At Capgemini, we support clients using the knowledge, experience, and commitment of our specialists. We support the development of employees both towards hard and soft skills, by providing appropriate tools, training, and mentoring. On a daily basis, in Front-End projects we use React, Redux, i Axios,, Angular, Node.js, Vue, PrimeNG, JavaScript, TypeScript.

Development at Capgemini/Future at Capgemini

In line with the philosophy of “Get the future you want”, at Capgemini we do everything to help our specialists spread their wings. If you have an idea for yourself, we will be happy to help you implement it. If you are looking for new challenges, we will help you find them. Just like we help Magda by providing her with tools, the experience of our mentors, and extensive consultations! We will do the same for you!

How? It’s easy:

  • through intensive internal development training (conducted by Capgemini experts), mentor support (joint planning of career development and development of technical competences)
  • through a network of external training with recognized business and technology authorities
  • through access to our internal communities where, together with other specialists, you can discuss and look for optimal solutions in the area of ​​your interest
  • by providing certification, access to courses and workshops (both soft and hard skills)
  • by accessing platforms with online courses and training (including Pluralsight, Coursera, etc.)

We also support multi-directional development on four career paths: technical, managerial, coaching, and project management. We also offer language courses at various levels of advancement (English, German, Polish).


  • Front-End Developer
  • React/React Native Developer
  • Front-End Architect
  • Senior React Engineer

If you are looking for new challenges, you want to experience unlimited possibilities and set trends in technological innovation – this place is for you!