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Meet Ada, Senior Business Process Consultant


Hi! Meet Ada! As a Senior Business Process Consultant, she plays many roles, such as Project Manager, Transformation Lead or Transition Manager, but – as she emphasizes – she likes the role of Wonder Woman the most – the one who saves the world. Currently, she works as Stream Lead, implementing transformation for a new large client. Ada likes to test herself in new circumstances which, in line with the philosophy of “Get the future you want”, allows her to develop and look for her own way.

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A catalog of our services in 3 teams in which you can start working:

  • Working with our clients on their vision and target operating model for the back office function
  • Design and implementation of detailed process models, with built-in automation and control
  • Design and implementation of GBS and SSC organizations
  • Supporting the transition to a new operating model
  • Managing complex business transformation programs
  • Driving continuous innovation through the Office for Transformation and Innovation (TIO)
  • Implementing market-leading technology enabling digital transformation
  • Adoption and change management

At Capgemini, we support clients using the knowledge and experience of our specialists as well as the knowledge of foreign languages.

Development at Capgemini/Future in Capgemini

In line with the philosophy of “Get the future you want”, at Capgemini we do everything to help our specialists spread their wings. If you have an idea for yourself, we will be happy to help you implement it. If you are looking for new challenges, we will help you find them. Ada is still looking for her way, proving herself in various roles, and we help her achieve these goals by providing tools, know-how, and international support. We will do the same for you.

How? It’s easy:

  • through intensive internal development training (conducted by Capgemini experts), mentor support (joint planning of career development and development of technical competences)
  • through a network of external training courses with recognized business and technology authorities
  • by providing certification, access to courses and workshops (both soft and hard skills)
  • by accessing platforms with online courses and training (including Pluralsight, Courser, etc.)


Senior Change Manager
Project Lead Associate
Business Transformation Manager
Business Transformation Senior Consultant

IFAO Consulting:

Finance Transformation Senior Consultant – FPIA Consulting
Finance Transformation Manager – FPIA Consulting
Finance Transformation Consultant – FPIA Consulting

IFAO Platforms:

P2P Digital Transformation Associate Manager
Digital Finance Solution Architect
Business Intelligence Analyst
ServiceNow Implementation Manager

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