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CAPtivate Program

Captivate program is Capgemini’s effort to address candidates’ experience gap and provide another route to get these talented professionals back into the workforce.  

The program continues to be the pre-eminent program for experienced professionals who have been out of the workforce for a year or more. This program offers a supportive and structured path to candidates re-entering the workforce after a career gap.

Captivate program is designed for talented professionals looking to restart their careers after a break by providing them with training and upskilling opportunities that they need.  They can apply to jobs that are relevant to their work experience.

A minimum experience of 6 months is essential. Selected candidates are offered a full-time, regular employment at Capgemini.  Our reimagined structure is not a ‘one program fits all’ approach, instead, we focus on meeting professionals where they are.

As a participant, you will:

  • Experience on the job learning and exploration with a diverse community of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Access the vast network of resources at Capgemini through continual leadership development, support and mentorship
  • Join a motivated team and be a part of interesting and challenging projects.

IMPACT of the program

“I didn’t have to explain the years that I was out of the workforce or how I fit into the organization. I was able to assess my fit in my department of choice before making a long-term commitment, and most importantly, it offered me the opportunity to do challenging work with people that I like and respect and who appreciate that I bring valuable experience to the table.”

Aarti Shetty, Senior Manager, Corporate Legal

“I took a break from my career for 6.5 years to be with my child. While I was happy to be there for my child, I also felt disconnected from the current trends in the market. When I wanted to get back, I didn’t know where to start.  At that time, Capgemini embraced me with open arms, giving me the platform, Captivate to restart my career”

Nithya Mohan, Consultant, Insights & Data

“I found a Capgemini opportunity that matched my experience and skill set, but I was apprehensive if my 7-year career gap would be an obstacle. During the interview, I explained the reason for my break, and they understood and supported the restart of my career. I was on Cloud 9!” 

Vandana Malpani , Senior Consultant, Financial Services