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Multiculturalism is the phenomenon of multiple groups of cultures existing within one society. The culture of India has been shaped by its long history, unique geography, and diverse demography.

As a strongly non-hierarchical business in more than 50 countries, we benefit from a truly diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities.

To overcome the associated biases that come with such a multicultural organization, we regularly conduct awareness & sensitization workshops to support our colleagues overcome their self-limiting beliefs and truly create a culture where everyone is welcome and respected!

Culture Brain & Bias Sessions

As part of CBB, where we apply insights from psychological science and explore how limiting beliefs can affect inclusivity while using interactive exercises on everyday workplace situations.

During our sessions, we cover how biases have an adverse impact on all spheres of the HR Life cycle

To enable people managers to overcome their self limiting biases, we explore self reflections, exercises, real life examples and peer to peer learnings.

Inclusive Leadership Session

In the Inclusive Leadership Sessions, our focus is on people’s agenda and openness to innovative ways of working which is driven by the latest technology. Our strategy is about encouraging open minds and creating an inclusive culture where people from all walks of life can build a rewarding career and achieve their full potential.

We are continuously making efforts by launching inclusive policies and designing inclusive processes, but we also wish to understand how our leaders are managing it at the workplace.

Hence, these Inclusive Leadership sessions aim at co-creating an inclusive work-culture at Capgemini, while focusing on these three things mainly:

  • Inclusion in our daily work
  • Inclusion in meetings
  • Inclusion with our colleagues

These sessions allow the participating leaders to share their journey and challenges they have faced in their career, the lessons they have learned, and how they would incorporate them in their day-to-day work now to build a better tomorrow.


Drawing on the concept of Climate Circles and TED Circles, which engage small groups on big ideas to share knowledge, create discussion, and ultimately drive change on relevant topics like.

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Value of D&I in Business
  • Breaking the Bias in Technology and AI
  • Inclusive Behaviour for all

Leaders across our business are invited to volunteer to host an Inclusion Circle conversation, with their direct team or colleagues able to join open sessions, and share their perceptions, thoughts, and experiences. As a tangible output, we count on everybody to realize we have all a part to play to make something concrete and different, contributing to a more inclusive workplace.

Recruitment through Inclusion Lens

Talent acquisition team and interview panel members hold critical responsibility of acknowledging and disrupting bias for merit-based hiring. Hence, it becomes imperative to understand how bias affects decision-making and its impact in the selection process.

With a specific focus on bringing awareness to and disrupting unconscious and cultural bias in the recruitment process, we conduct ‘Recruitment through Inclusion Lens’ sessions exclusive for interview panels and Talent acquisition function.

These sessions unfold:

  • An understanding of how biases are formed – implicit or unconscious
  • Types of biases like cultural, affinity, confirmation, stereotypes etc. that affect recruitment
  • How dominant culture shapes our expectations of candidates, influences our sense of “fit” and can result in overlooking of deserving diverse candidates
  • How to address bias across diversity dimensions
  • Inclusively recruit candidates with Disabilities, Veterans, LGBTQ+ and Neuro Diversity.