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OUTfront: LGBTQ+ inclusion

Supporting LGBT+ colleagues and changing perceptions

Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, is at the forefront of innovation. We think our values are empowering, and we take our guiding principles very seriously. That is why Capgemini fosters a safe and inclusive workplace for individuals to be their best, authentic selves.

Our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender plus (LGBT+: we use the plus (+) to ensure that we are inclusive of all identities) network OUTfront supports our inclusion ethos, to drive an organisation that is more inclusive and better equipped to support colleagues and clients in an increasingly diverse global marketplace.

Our endeavour is to provide a safe and inclusive work environment, a more productive and barrier free workplace and ensure LGBT+ employees can bring their whole selves to work, and realise their full potential at Capgemini.

Why focus on LGBT+ inclusion at workplace?

The LGBT+ population is ubiquitous, but mistakenly perceived as a homogenous community by the Indian society. Identifying as gender queer is mired in challenges in India, coming out as one is even more difficult. Along with the phobia of sexual difference, it brings out the deepest, darkest biases of class with in the society. This misidentification, to the exclusion of LGBT+ people, persists, causing damage to the hundreds who want to, or do already, work in other professions.

65% consider HR/diversity policies as a major factor before they decide to join an organization. (Source: The Indian LGBT Workplace Climate Survey 2016 A study by Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment (MINGLE)).

The inclusion of LGBT+ people can:

“As we continue to upskill our employees in future technologies internally, we ensure that we include all in our ongoing search for the right talent.” – Jaideep Chavan, Vice President, Talent Acquisition Capgemini, India.

Our Involvement:

We are making focused efforts to ensure we adapt to the culture of LGBT+ inclusion. Here are some of the steps we have taken towards strengthening our gender agenda and enhancing LGBT+ people experience at Capgemini offices in India.

  1. Sensitisation sessions for our employees to have an open mind and embrace all diversities at workplace.
  2. Regular review of HR policies and processes for building an inclusive workplace through use of gender-neutral terms like partner (instead of husband or wife)
  3. Non-discrimination against people who have come out at our workplace as LGBT+ community – in the day to day operations, performance appraisals through frequent connects with the employees and concerned HR partners.
  4. We provide a safe platform to our employees and leaders to talk on the topics of gender inclusion via Podcast and Yammer (internal chat application) conversations.
  5. Our commitment to inclusion is reflected through our Diversity and Inclusion charter and non-discrimination statement.

Our Benefits

All benefits listed below are available to any employee eligible for Capgemini India benefits plan.

“All of us are born free and equal in dignity and rights. I believe everyone’s journey is individual and we are truly inclusive when we respect each other’s differences and value them for who they are. Creating Open-Minds lets you see the true potential in people. Come join me in driving OUTfront program as allies and be a change-maker.” – Manushree Singh, Diversity & Inclusion Leader – India, Capgemini.

Message for organisations commencing LGBT+ inclusion

We recommend 3 actions to turn LGBT+ equality into realty – for HR and business influencers to practice.

  1. Set the right tone from the top and engage with the leaders in bringing the change from top to grass roots level
  2. Enable LGBT+ employees, by providing with information on policies and process to avail the benefits
  3. Be an advocate for equality and stand against any discrimination

LGBT+ people have been part of India’s workforce for as long as it has existed. Many of them may not come out at work or choose to express their gender identity through clothing or other outward signs. Then there are those who have embraced their sexual difference unabashedly, even at the cost of facing hurdles at workplace.