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Enterprise Data & Analytics


Every transformation is built on data. As the volume of enterprise data grows exponentially, we turn it into tangible business value, with artificial intelligence embedded in an end-to-end data strategy.

Data-powered enterprises significantly outperform their peers, seeing up to 22 percent higher profitability and 70 percent higher revenue per employee. Currently, however, very few can be categorised as truly data-powered, successfully transforming data and insights into real business actions.

While artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics are changing the data game, you first need a strong data foundation. This means the right infrastructure, governance, operations, and culture, enabling you to generate relevant, trusted and quality insights.

Our approach transforms the entire data journey, partnering with you to develop and enhance your data science capabilities with modern analytics and AI. We guide you from strategy to data to insights to real business value at scale.

“Artificial Intelligence is changing the game because it brings new assets, and new ways of getting value from your data to optimise operational processes and provide new services.”

Conor McGovern, Vice President, Capgemini Invent
    Capgemini Invent

    Collaborative Data Ecosystem

    From traditional data exchange and monetisation to modern data sharing and co-creation, data ecosystems are key to the new experience economy.
    Capgemini Invent
    Capgemini Invent

    Risk & Regulatory Compliance

    By realising the full potential of data, banks and insurers can increase competitiveness, while reducing risks and costs in FRC functions.
    Capgemini Invent
    Capgemini Invent

    Reinventing Work

    The rate of change is accelerating. It’s time to embrace the shifting organisation landscape and build an adaptive and people-centric future.
    Capgemini Invent

      What we do

      Trusted data-driven insights generate tangible business value. But first you need a solid foundation built on data strategy and governance, data science and business intelligence, and a strong data culture.

      Data-powered insights fuel transformation. But many organisations struggle to become truly data driven. We help our clients transform their entire data journey, implementing modern data platforms, and creating a transformative data culture to get the most value from analytics and AI.

      Using proven frameworks and methodologies, we define data strategy, implement governance best practices, and execute data management programs, from standalone departmental projects to enterprise-wide operations.

      Our data scientists help to drive AI-powered innovation at scale. From traditional to modern analytics solutions, we enable our clients to keep up with the pace of change and empower faster, better-informed, and more accurate decisions. We transform enterprise information into innovation.

      Continuous improvement demands an understanding of how well your processes are performing. We leverage scaled process mining and intelligent automation powered by data science to achieve this.

      Digital data from across your organisation offers a rich seam of information. It gives insight into every phase of the processes that underpin your business performance, sustainable operations, and profitability. By mining both the processes and the data they generate, you can discover, monitor, and improve operation efficiency.

      We help you achieve this with data-driven process improvement leveraging intelligent automation tools, such as process mining, robotic process automation, and AI.

      Systematic scaled process mining extracts data from the digital footprint of every process. You will gain workflow visibility and spot bottlenecks; align projects with KPIs using smart tags and automation; and optimise processes as you monitor what’s working and what’s not. We optimise process excellence and efficiency through intelligent automation powered by data science.

      As regulation increases and innovation gathers pace, the Finance, Risk and Compliance (FRC) landscape is changing. Staying competitive and compliant means harnessing data and AI for informed, real-time business decisions.

      In a world of increased transparency and a need for greater consumer protection, FRC functions must move fast to comply with rigorous regulation, at minimum cost. At the same time, they are in a strong position to help the wider organisation compete through digital innovation. FRC leaders can achieve this by leveraging data solutions embedding regulatory competencies.

      We help to make this happen by building data foundries, or extending existing ones, embedding AI and automation to unlock growth. We create new management frameworks that help the entire organisation become increasingly service centric. The same management framework will drive process efficiency and guarantee continued and effective regulatory compliance.

      Transform HR with a data-driven approach that gives you actionable people insights. With people analytics you’ll find, nurture, and retain the talent you need for business growth.

      There is an ongoing battle for talent. How you use people data will be key to winning it, whether you’re building an employee journey, managing a remote workforce, or creating a data-based workplace built on sustainable principles.

      The digital tools people use every day create a massive amount of data. Analysing this data with our proven frameworks and methodologies transforms people information into a quality, trusted asset, ensuring the right talent fit for your enterprise.

      We help to define and implement data strategies that inform employee training and development, establish in-house people analytics capabilities, and ensure employees working from home are productive and supported. We’ll give you governance best practices for your workforce and organisation data management.

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