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Collaborative Data Ecosystems: Vision to Trust


From traditional data exchange and monetisation to modern data sharing and co-creation, data ecosystems are integral to the new “experience economy”. Whether in the public or the private sector, turning those ecosystems into tangible value for organisations and end-users demands a solid foundation.

Access to the right data is instrumental for the success of modern services and applications. However, most often, the data you own is insufficient, and the data you need is in someone else’s hands.

How do you identify and prioritise data opportunities and remove barriers preventing you from using the data you need? What is best practice for forming the right partnerships, incentivising data sharing, and managing governance and security across your entire data ecosystem? Or staying on top of data legislation and being an influencer for change? Our Collaborative Data Ecosystems offers a solution.

Through informed strategy, design, technology, and data science expertise, we imagine opportunities for sharing and co-creating with data, in both private and public sectors. From new products, services, and experiences for customers and citizens, to augmented insights informing your organisation, we create value from data ecosystems that are financially sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible.

That’s not all. We can also act as a strategic liaison to identify and facilitate winning partnerships, champion advocacy programs, and represent your voice for new legislation and change.

“From vision to actual design, from technology to data sharing models and secure operations along the value chain, we support our clients to become masters of their data ecosystems.”

Gianfranco Cecconi, Global Lead for Collaborative Data Ecosystems, Capgemini Invent

Our approach

Collaboration brings your data ecosystem ambition to life. How? By building a solid foundation that embraces vision, design, liaison, governance and operations, and trust.

Shape bold vision

Uncover new opportunities through detailed market analysis and forecast expected business value. Evaluate how internal data practices, thinking and skills prepare you to collaborate outside your organisation. Define objectives and strategies with prioritised use cases for your data ecosystem initiative.

Embrace design

Take a creative approach and make bolder choices across new business models, products, services, and experiences. Identify what data can be shared and how, and design data ecosystems with mutually beneficial partnerships that are legally compliant, technically feasible, and financially viable.

Liaise for change

Be masters of your data ecosystems with the right strategic partnerships. Participate in advocacy groups or take a seat at the table where new technology standards, rulebooks and legislation are shaped.

Establish robust governance

Design and implement rules and operating models for efficient, safe collaboration and governance of internal marketplaces and external partners, to protect the privacy and quality of ALL data.

Build transparent trust

Create an environment of trust that is ethical and fair to its participants. Ensure legal compliance and protection from cyber threats. Communicate effectively and transparently to make the ecosystem sustainable and fair.

Our new Collaborative Data Ecosystems offer enables organisations to stay ahead of the game and become data sharing masters shaping new business opportunities.

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