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Application development and management

ADMnext. Enabling infinite possibilities…

Today, customer application loyalty is synonymous with brand loyalty. With application development and management, your IT function can help create the experiences your customers want – and deliver the value your business needs.

Business-focused ADM services that accelerate growth and support your non-stop drive to business excellence.

ADMnext is a full stack of application development and maintenance (ADM) services, supported by a suite of organisational tools. It focuses on your business imperatives – so you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, get your IT landscape fit for the future, and take advantage of all the new technology out there.

With ADMnext, you’ll be able to deliver business value and ensure you are leading your industry – not just now, but in a way that lays the groundwork for a creative, game-changing future – for you, and for your customers.

ADMnext delivers increased business value and enriched customer experiences, without moving away from a focus on operational efficiency.

What we do

Adaptive services, the first layer of our ADMnext stack, comprises an integrated portfolio that spans business processes, applications platforms, and hybrid infrastructure landscapes.

This portfolio covers the full development lifecycle, from transition, through building and support to decommissioning. This adaptive services layer brings flexibility and responsiveness to change across business processes, applications, and infrastructure. It also offers an easier-to-consume IT service that is aligned to business outcomes. And it frees up time and cost, to spend on transformation.

ADMnext’s modernisation services layer continuously remodels your IT landscape to reduce technical debt, complexity, business risk, and total cost of ownership.

At the same time, this layer increases landscape flexibility and agility, so your enterprise can be fit for the future. It includes a commitment to develop a roadmap and vision, and a 20% or more reduction in your IT landscape through rationalisation, modernisation and migration.

ADMnext’s business insightful services layer aligns your IT portfolio with your business objectives, driving progressive business process improvements – and bringing industry experience to the table.

Our business insightful services help you gain a better understanding of the value IT brings to your business – monitoring business KPIs, and focusing on business outcomes.

ADMnext’s emerging products and services layer brings innovation into the heart of your organisation, making it a continuous, incremental part of your business.

It gathers the latest thinking from across the Group to drive change, while mitigating risk from security and data fragmentation. It brings together collaborative eco-systems like the Applied Innovation Exchange network, design agency creativity, and inbuilt-innovation tools such as the Design Office to transform ideas into outcomes.

ADMnext: Enabling infinite possibilities with business-focused ADM for accelerated growth. The change, innovation, outcomes – and future- you want.

    ADMnext^Data: Unleashing infinite data possibilities

    Becoming a data master – The potential that data-driven ADM services hold for your business

    Cloud modernisation with ADMnext

    Cloud computing is now a primary disruptor within the IT space – so it’s essential that you get your cloud modernisation strategy right.

    ADMnext for Electric Utilities

    As network grids transform, smart transmission and distribution operators need to adapt.

    Sustainable IT transformation

    A cleaner, more profitable future with your enterprise IT team.

    Intelligent automation platform

    We help you shift from limited value, isolated deployments to enterprise-wide, AI-infused automation at scale.

    Our eAPM offer

    Our economic Application Portfolio Management offer provides an insight-driven and business-focused approach to digital tr

    Design office

    An incubator of innovation and transformation, embedded directly into your business.

    Agile and DevOps

    Our innovative, business-focused model is your blueprint for developing transformative, customer-centric offers.

    Capgemini cost savings

    A three-phase approach to defining your IT strategy and planning.

    Quality engineering in ADMnext

    Quality engineering at speed for your customers and your business.

        ISG names us as a leader

        Capgemini lauded as a market leader in next-gen ADM by ISG – three years running

        Everest names us leader

        Everest Group has named us an active enabler of business growth in the digital age in its 2021 next-gen PEAK Matrix.
        Capgemini teams up with Everest Group® to uncover key challenges in Applications Transformation

          Meet our experts

          Clifton Menezes

          Expert in Cloud, DCX, Solution Architecture Java CSD

          Gary James

          Expert in Application Management Services, Automation

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          Expert in Enterprise Architecture

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          Philippe Roques

          Expert in Application Lifecycle Services, Business Process Management, Enterprise Application