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The Empowered Platform

Realise the value of an empowered workforce where every team can build innovative solutions using low-code/no-code technologies with Capgemini.

Service Description:

With the rapid pace of change and disruption impacting all businesses today, leaders seek to survive through sustainable innovation and digital transformation and thrive in a hybrid workplace that empowers every employee to collaborate and build digital solutions in a reliable, consistent, and secure way where they are.

With a low-code/no-code platform, businesses can transform how teams work, build better services and digital experiences, democratise data use, and rapidly develop digital solutions. Through a culture of innovation that engages many different perspectives, every employee can build apps, automate workflows, and design intelligent bots and dashboards. Developers can reduce hours spent on testing, deploying and managing foundational code and focus on mission-critical and organisation-wide solutions.

Discover how Capgemini’s Empowered Platform can help unlock your organisation’s potential, deliver exceptional value and drive competitiveness by building the digital skills your business, technical and frontline staff need to succeed in the modern digital age. Capgemini brings a wealth and diversity of experiences in low-code/no-code strategy and delivery to help clients accelerate their scale and time to value by combining our eight-part framework, proven methodology, accelerators, and industry partnerships to reduce risk and set your goals organisation up for success.

    Capgemini Invent

    Low Code Insights

    Design Business Application experiences. New business models. Empowered employees.
    Capgemini Invent
    Capgemini Engineering

    Low Code Products and Services

    New Custom Business applications. Robotic Processing Automation. Fusion teams.
    Capgemini Engineering

    Low Code Solution Accelerators

    Multiply Develboostopment Power. Accelerate adoption at scale. Solutions libraries.

      What we do

      Build a clear vision and strategy for how your Low Code Platforms can help you achieve your digital transformation goals, and everyone in your organization will understand how it can benefit them and make their work more efficient. Plus, you’ll enjoy increased delivery efficiency that supports rapidly changing business needs.

      • Create a common vision between business and technology teams.
      • Connect your innovation funnel to low code business scenarios
      • Identify and drive ownership of low code solutions and technology
      • Connect low code with your overall business and IT strategic portfolio
      • Visualise business value and drive decision making through executive adoption impact dashboards

      Are your low code platforms enterprise ready? Configure your low code platform to reduce the risk of data loss, get insights and make informed decisions about app usage and adoption and configure your environment for optimal performance. Feel confident that you are enabling makers to build solutions on a resilient, safe platform. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your low code platform infrastructure is designed for modern business needs.

      • Define tenant, environment, DLP, ALM and request management strategies
      • Configure and monitor DLP policies and connectors
      • Configure CoE Starter Kits – Core Modules, Creative Kit, Automation Kits
      • Gain compliance insights, archive resources, telemetry to identify business-critical apps
      • Monitor app usage and adoption, license, capacity, and consumption to inform decision making
      • Low Code DevOps to automate platform management activities, multistep auto-approvals
      • Clear roles and responsibilities are defined, understood and assigned
      • Develop automated support activities, community support, helpdesk support levels based on risk profiles
      • Continuous improvement plans in line with business strategy

      Apply user-centred design and viral growth strategies to accelerate and nurture your Citizen Maker communities. You’ll be able to quickly and easily train new Citizen Makers. Build a vibrant community of champions and mentors to help you out. Accelerate your development velocity and digital transformation faster than ever before. Foster collaboration across business and technology teams. Champion low code innovation in your organisation and see your team’s skills grow as a result.

      • Apply user-centred service design approaches to support Citizen Makers
      • Onboard, train, upskill, assess and certify new Makers
      • Create a vibrant community of champions and mentors that evangelise the proven value of low code
      • Align growth and development strategies for pro developers and citizen makers
      • Run regular events, hackathons and storytelling
      • Run organisation-wide innovation and adoption campaigns in sync with your digital transformations strategy
      • Grow pool of Makers to become ambassadors across their departments and evangelize the capabilities

      Go further with your low code platform. Establish and scale an Automation Centre of Excellence in your organisation. Align business and technology strategies bringing together Automation, RPA, Cloud and Business Decision Makers to achieve common automation goals. Unleash the value of your enterprise data and build a data-driven culture across teams with differing technical competence using low code analytics platforms. Create a design system with reusable controls and components, UI frameworks and patterns to create consistent, modern, accessible user experiences at speed and scale for your business applications. Build cross-functional skills across professional developers and citizen makers with a common objective.

      • Low Code accelerator for an Automation-first paradigm
      • Low Code accelerator for a Data-Driven Culture
      • Low Code accelerator for fusion teams
      • Low Code accelerator for designing engaging user experiences
      • Low Code accelerator for integrations with Business Apps and Modern Workplace solutions

      Meet our experts

      Chike Eduputa

      Head of Low Code No Code, Invent UK

      Heather Ostojitsch

      Head of Digital Workplace Advisory

      Paul Harrison

      Head of Microsoft Digital Customer Experience, Europe

      Carl Cookson

      Managing Solution Architect

      John McIntyre

      Practice Director (Sogeti)

      Joao Zorro

      Head of Microsoft Business Applications and Cloud Engineering