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SpeakUp is a web and phone-based ethics reporting, incident management and advisory tool, hosted by an independent service provider. It is managed by our Group Ethics function and supported by our global network of General Counsels, Ethics & Compliance Officers and HR investigators.

It is voluntary, confidential, and allows anonymity, except in countries where anonymity would not comply with local laws. It is made available by Capgemini to our team members, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

SpeakUp, our 24×7 web and phone-based ethics helpline, can be used to report concerns and request advice or guidance about actions or behaviors that are:

  • Not aligned with our Values, and ethical aspirations, as set out in our Code of Business Ethics and related guidelines
  • Not in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and internal compliance requirements
  • May significantly affect vital interests of Capgemini and its affiliates.

The SpeakUp policy is available in the following languages:

EN | AR | CZ | NL | DA | EU-ES | FI | FR | FR-MA | DEEN-HU | HU | IT | JP | NO | PL | PO | ROZH | SL | ES | SE | RU | VN