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Aleksandra Kutek

Aleksandra Kutek

Business Transformation Manager

Experienced Proffesionals

Business transformation

Aleksandra Kutek
Business Transformation Manager

In Capgemini since: 2021
Hobbies: healthy lifestyle, gym, Netflix, travelling

Your first position at Capgemini was…
A Business Transformation Manager.

First thought that comes to mind when you think Capgemini is…
Great people and fantastic atmosphere.

What is your typical working day like?
I work in IFAO Consulting team and there is no typical working day. We work on different kind of projects supporting our clients and everyday there is something else to do.

What unusual lessons have you learned from working in the IFAO Consulting team?
I have learned that despite hierarchical structure you can be promoted even though your direct manager doesn’t move and it really depends on your skills and achievements.

What do you value working in the IFAO Consulting team?
I really value flexibility and dynamic assignments on projects. I feel I can learn a lot from different people, who are very open and supportive.

What capabilities should present a person who wants to work at IFAO Consulting?
I think the most important is attitude and positive approach. The person should be also a team player and ready to support others if needed.

Your best memory with Capgemini is:
When the client was really grateful for the work I have done.

What do you enjoy the most in your spare time?
I like to spend my time very active. I usually go walking, running or I go to the gym.

What is your greatest professional achievement at Capgemini?
This was during my current project. I have automated the reporting from Microsoft Outlook.

What is your advice to people who want to develop at Capgemini in the IFAO Consulting team?
Be open
 as every day you can learn something new. There are so many possibilities to grow.

Has the current pandemic situation affected the work of the IFAO Consulting team?
There are definitely less face to face meetings
 with the clients, however my current assignment is actually at client’s office.

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