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Connected distribution and fulfillment networks

Reimagining the supply chain as a revenue growth engine

Meeting customers’ expectations for speed, convenience, and affordability across channels requires a reinvention of the supply chain and fulfilment channels as an intelligent, responsive, flexible, connected network.

We help companies leverage transformative technology, including data, analytics, and AI, to build resiliency, agility and sustainability within their supply ecosystem, enabling organizations to respond to challenges and weather disruption in a landscape where change is constant.

Building the consumer-centric intelligent supply and fulfillment networks of the future

We recognize the supply chain as a strategic differentiator that can enhance the customer experience by enabling more choice, convenience, and customization.

We help organizations strengthen their supply chain digital maturity to enable more adaptability and flexibility through demand sensing, hyper-local fulfilment, and use of local suppliers.

We also recognize the critical nature of last-mile delivery and work with organizations to ensure that they are leveraging their full range of existing assets, plus new resources, to enable effective and efficient fulfilment.

    Intelligent supply chain solutions for FMCG

    Turning complex supply chains into intelligent ecosystems

    Gaining the edge in a new era of grocery

    Our Digital Core for Grocery capabilities help grocers meet the new challenges, from long-term planning to real-time fulfillment.

    Implementing a customer-driven supply chain

    Transforming your merchandising and supply chain is a complex undertaking. Our Smart Retail Planner helps you do that with success.

    Transforming digital core for retail

    Our Digital Core for Retail enables the fast and smooth implementation of SAP S/4HANA.

    Cognitive control towers

    How consumer-products organizations can improve stability and resiliency through dynamic control-tower capabilities.

      Meet our experts

      Tim Bridges

      Global Head of Consumer Products & Retail
      Tim Bridges leads Capgemini’s Global Sectors and the Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution (CPRD) global sector practice, a portfolio that includes major global retail, fashion, restaurant, consumer products, transportation, and distribution brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Office Depot, Domino’s, and Unilever.

      Lindsey Mazza

      Global Retail Lead, Capgemini
      Lindsey is Capgemini’s Global Retail Lead. She is a retail thought leader and subject matter expert who specializes in shopper-centric, unified-channel commerce and innovation. With nearly 20 years’ experience in retail transformation, Lindsey has served some of the world’s largest retailers in analytics-enabled integrated planning and execution, from consumer demand to receipt.

      Mayank Sharma

      Vice President
      Mayank is a Supply Chain Leader with expertise in driving supply chain transformations through use of digital solutions across planning, procurement, logistics, fulfilment, and sustainability. He has worked across Consulting, Operations and Technology giving him a well-rounded approach to identifying business transformation requirements and re-inventing supply chain operating models through performance-led technology transformations. At Capgemini, he is responsible for leading & growing Capgemini’s Supply Chain Practice for Consumer Goods, Retail and Distribution. Mayank brings unique experience of leading transformations as a consultant at Big 4 and at of leveraging digital solutions within e-commerce supply chain to drive end-to-end supply chain improvement.