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Intelligent supply chain solutions for FMCG

Turning complex supply chains into intelligent ecosystems

Balancing the needs of customers, global challenges and supply chain disruption has never been more difficult. The result? Shelves empty at crucial times. Successful new products that fail to scale. Evaporating margins. Customers can’t pay more; sellers can’t charge less, and competitors are chipping away at previously secure markets. Most FMCG companies are beginning to adapt to supply chain disruptions, but they’re not getting the results they need. What’s missing is an advanced, intelligent supply chain.

An advanced supply chain strategy requires adaptation on many fronts simultaneously, enhancing your supply chain every step of the way. Our Intelligent Supply Chain Solution for FMCG provides six elements for building strong, competitive supply chains:

  1. Alignment with your business strategy, ensuring profitable and sustainable growth across customers, channels, and products. 
  2. Collaboration and sustainable procurement, thanks to supplier visibility and collaboration platforms that monitor and enhance the performance of suppliers at each tier. 
  3. Touchless forecasting and integrated business planning that anticipate customer demand and optimize inventory deployment. This helps create a more responsive supply chain while optimizing service, cash, cost, and sustainability. 
  4. Digital solutions and automation, such as smart order management and autonomous warehousing and transportation, that streamline order orchestration and improve customer experience. These solutions also contribute to more sustainable operations. 
  5. Reverse supply chain logistics support a profitable circular economy model. This facilitates the efficient reuse and recycling of products. 
  6. Sustainable performance control and network resilience thanks to digital twins. 

Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions for FMCG helps you adapt to compete – to navigate disruption and provide innovative, affordable products that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. Learn how to get started today.

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      Meet our experts

      Tim Bridges

      Global Head of Consumer Products & Retail
      Tim Bridges leads Capgemini’s Global Sectors and the Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution (CPRD) global sector practice, a portfolio that includes major global retail, fashion, restaurant, consumer products, transportation, and distribution brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Office Depot, Domino’s, and Unilever.

      Lindsey Mazza

      Global Retail Lead, Capgemini
      Lindsey is Capgemini’s Global Retail Lead. She is a retail thought leader and subject matter expert who specializes in shopper-centric, unified-channel commerce and innovation. With nearly 20 years’ experience in retail transformation, Lindsey has served some of the world’s largest retailers in analytics-enabled integrated planning and execution, from consumer demand to receipt.

      Mayank Sharma

      Vice President
      Mayank is a Supply Chain Leader with expertise in driving supply chain transformations through use of digital solutions across planning, procurement, logistics, fulfilment, and sustainability. He has worked across Consulting, Operations and Technology giving him a well-rounded approach to identifying business transformation requirements and re-inventing supply chain operating models through performance-led technology transformations. At Capgemini, he is responsible for leading & growing Capgemini’s Supply Chain Practice for Consumer Goods, Retail and Distribution. Mayank brings unique experience of leading transformations as a consultant at Big 4 and at of leveraging digital solutions within e-commerce supply chain to drive end-to-end supply chain improvement.

      Phil Davies

      Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent UK
      The digital revolution is creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities for companies and they are having to invent new business models and ways of working in order to survive and prosper. Phil works with senior executives to leverage the digital opportunities and transform – customer experiences, operations or business models.

      Nathaniel Milner

      Vice President – Last Mile Delivery & Retail Fulfilment, Capgemini
      Nathaniel has spent past 19 years in the retail / ecommerce / food delivery technology space, innovating and scaling organizations. He is an accomplished industry expert recognized by the leading operators in the space for his hands on focus and success with online grocery, restaurant, convenience and retail operations, digital strategy, 3rd party (Doordash/Instacart) strategy & go to market operations in addition to last mile delivery fulfilment innovation such as autonomous vehicle and drone delivery.

      Pravin Chaudhary

      Director, Consumer Products & Retail Lead Capgemini
      Pravin is Capgemini’s Supply Chain thought leader for Consumer Products and Retail Sector. He has more than 17 years of experience in running supply chains for Global Consumer Products and e-commerce companies. Pravin specializes in Supply Chain planning, Fulfillment design and Optimization, Order to Cash process and e-commerce Supply design and Last-Mile deliveries.