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Connected society

Leading with purpose to serve the needs of the business, its customers, our communities and the planet

For the modern customer, loyalty is based in large part on how well retailers reflect their personal values and support their quest to live a healthy, safe, sustainable, just life. We are proud to be at the forefront of the purpose and sustainability movement, helping our retail clients frame these issues as a catalyst for change and an opportunity to create a competitive advantage.

Business to planet: Consciously accelerating sustainability

Business to Planet is Capgemini’s approach to sustainability. Our work is grounded in the idea that the short- and long-term needs of both the business and the planet are intrinsically connected. This means helping companies move past the idea that they must choose between purpose or business growth and instead find ways to create smarter solutions that simultaneously meet the needs of the business, the consumer, and the planet. 

We see the Business to Planet mindset as a new and important dimension of customer-centricity. By leveraging this approach, retailers can better serve their customers by protecting the environment and the communities that share it – and in so doing, also deliver a healthy, future-proofed organization.

    Accelerate to net zero, from commitment to sustainable results

    We support you in committing to a net zero strategy – and in acting, to design sustainable operations, products, and services.

    Invent for Society

    Invent for Society aims to value how social impact is part of the fabric of what we do every day with our clients.

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