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Do good with Data and AI

At Capgemini, we believe that AI can have a great impact on the achievement of a sustainable world.

Because we are convinced about the transformative power of Data & AI to build positive futures for humans and society, we partner with you to leverage Data & AI in an ethics by design and human-centered way. We work with your teams to develop the right data and AI-powered leadership, mindset, culture and ways of working that fit your organization’s values.

To achieve this, all players, governments and industries, researchers, and citizens, will need to be part of the same journey, leveraging a common toolbox.

The quest for sustainability

With the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its related 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations (UN) established a crucial call for action by all states, recognizing the urgency to end poverty and other deprivations through impactful strategies that improve health and promote inclusive education, reduce inequality, foster economic growth – while tackling the climate crisis, promoting access to affordable, sustainable energy, ensuring peace and fighting disinformation.

Capgemini is using Data and AI in various ways to achieve a sustainable future:

  • Our PublicGoesAI playgrounds for public service solutions
  • A data science competition focused on the topic of Earthquake prediction
  • Our annual Global Data Science Challenge, which, in 2020, focused on using AI to identify and track sperm whale population
  • FARM 2.0, an Intelligent Data Platform developed at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in Netherlands to resolve global food shortages
  • Sustainable AI solutions to help you achieve your net-zero ambitions for sectors such as manufacturing, recycling, and energy production

Capgemini contributed to accelerating the UN’s sustainable development goals with its participation in AI for Good Global Summit 2020. Our experts together with 17 guest speakers and leaders from the public sector showcased tangible client success stories that have been delivered in a public sector context and demonstrated how governments can achieve ethical AI.

The discussions at the Summit centered around the beneficial use and the practical application of AI to help achieve the SDGs set by the UN. Click here to view all of the sessions.

Watch our client demo video

In the below video, the team from the Paris Regional Health Authority and Capgemini Invent describes the development of the STEP tool, an AI-driven prediction tool to anticipate and monitor Covid-19 crisis trends and hospital bed occupancy, both at times of crisis and to support decision-making in everyday health care.

AI4Good – Applying AI along the Sustainable Development Goals

Below are our sustainable business solutions that help build positive futures for humans and society.

AI for automatic updating of curriculums, detection of school drop outs and optimization of student interaction .​
AI capabilities for health related research, diagnosis and processes ​
AI4Food & Zero Hunger
AI capabilities for those who produce, consume and distribute food ​
AI for law enforcement and detection of criminal behavior ​
Automation and analytics skills for identification, analysis and dismantling of information​
AI for distributed energy grids, Smart cities, climate and biodiversity monitoring​