AI for Information

How can artificial intelligence help achieve sustainability in information environments?

Why correct information matters for humanity 

As Thomas Jefferson said: “Information is the currency of democracy.” Falsely propagated information globally mounts up to USD78 billion. This demonstrates how crucial the protection of information has become for sustainable development and a balanced knowledge ecosystem. Hence, the spread of and access to valid data is a base for peaceful and inclusive societies.

The Sustainable Development Goals

Within the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG 4 “Quality Education” and SDG 16 “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” address the area of information ecosystems and reflect how the values of stability and accuracy constitute the mainstay of a society’s wealth.

The potential of AI for Information

Aware of the current challenges related to the accuracy and crucial value of valid information, several countries have begun to consider the potential of AI to nurture healthy knowledge ecosystems and protect their citizens. By combating threats such as disinformation with the help of AI, they encourage the dissemination and acceptance of AI technologies to raise awareness of cybersecurity and fake news.

For instance, while the EU presented policy options for regulating AI in disinformation, the US presented a project that automatically detects manipulations. Argentina started a project to improve public debate through fact-checking and education, often in collaboration with the UN.

Our Approach

By leveraging automation and analytic skills, information environments and their misuse can be tackled with AI by:

  • Identification – AI-based identification of disinformation and accurate responding
  • Analysis– Analyzing behavior on social media to identify disinformation and prevent organized networks as well as dissemination of fake news
  • Dismantling– Providing guidance on facts and virtual assistance with the help of Conversational AI.

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Featured Testimonials

Gianfranco Cecconi, Director, Insight Driven Enterprise, Invent for Society, Capgemini Netherlands

"We are very quick at expecting AI to deliver amazing results for humanity, but we forget sometimes that AI takes decisions and builds and computes on top of information and facts. You should not forget that we need to give that kind of good fuel into the machine if you want to get good results that are relevant."

Emmanuelle Brodard, Senior Manager for Digital Strategy and Acceleration, Capgemini France

"We are in the era of information, with a big bang and explosion of data volumes. It is estimated that the volume of data will be multiplied by 45, between 2020 and 2035 and there is a growth in the speed rate at which the fake news and the news are spreading."

Gianfranco Cecconi, Director, Insight-Driven Enterprise, Invent for Society, Capgemini Netherlands

"I invite all of you to feel responsible for that 'good' data to come out and enable your applications!"

AI for Peace and Information

Fake News and misinformation is considered a real threat to democracy in the 21st century. An informed citizen is essential for a functioning democracy, and misinformation threatens this extensively. In this video session, Capgemini’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts and leaders explain how AI and the right governance of data can help to build a strong information environment – and to track and identify information dysfunctionalities.

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