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Operating Model Transformation in public sector

Over the past decade there has been significant change in how public sector organisations deliver their digital services to the citizen. As government digital services continue to expand, UK Public Sector organisations, especially in central government, have needed to embrace new ways of working and new operating models.

Proven capabilities in delivering operating models in the UK Public Sector

Capgemini has been at the forefront of this transformation helping central government transform themselves to create new product based operating structures to deliver their cloud-based services in a more agile way and with a citizen focused lens.

Capgemini has vast experience in designing these operating models and transitioning organisations to using them, successfully increasing their delivery velocity and creating truly high frequency organisations.

Our operating models, that are focused on delivering excellent citizen services, have been proven to be highly agile, sustainable, cost effective, predictable and consider the whole organisation making sure that digital ways of working have edge to edge effectiveness and are not just in pockets.

Capgemini spans the full range of capability required to deliver these operating models, from industry leading consulting services, effective change management and digital services delivery, we are well placed to help any organisation become truly digital at scale.

Building disruption proof operating model

The effectiveness of your operating model to withstand present and future disruptions can significantly impact your business performance. Organisations must be prepared to change how they operate at their very core and the impact of this change can span from finance and commercial approaches, business engagement, service and delivery governance to asset and location strategies. To achieve this, an energetic culture of change is required with a mindset shift. Capgemini is highly experience is creating the right environment with the right approach to deliver across the broad spectrum

We help you achieve your operating model objectives in 4 phases:

  1. Analysis of the AS-IS and the design of the TO-BE
  2. Gap assessment to create the right approach and plan for delivery
  3. Iterative transition and change support to the new TO-BE
  4. Continuous evolution of the new model

Discover how Capgemini experts can help you realise the benefits of operating model transformation. Get in touch below.

Meet our Experts

Matt Howell

Expert in Digital Transformation, Growth Strategy

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Expert in Public Sector