Healthcare customers are becoming truly multi-channel and multi-dimensional. They want to interact with their health insurance providers seamlessly and real-time over phone, text, email, web or social media. Healthcare payers of the future need to evolve to provide better services and gain competitive advantage.

Capgemini can lead your business process transformation across the full healthcare value chain, from claims management to commissions and compensation processing, and from distribution services to product performance monitoring.

Our healthcare capabilities span the entire spectrum ranging from IT solutions and traditional business process outsourcing to full service third party administration services and advanced healthcare consulting services.

We implement and support major vendor packages, such as ALIP, Ingenium, Claims Component, Dragon, PolicyStar, Claims WorkStation, FAB, TIA, TriZetto Facets, COMPASS, GroupFacts, ClaimFacts, and Amarta.

Our clients include commercial payers like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug and Medicare Supplement payers; accountable care organisations, providers, retail and wholesale pharmacies, and clearing houses.

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