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Health and social care

Despite significant quality improvements, health and care systems across the world are under unrelenting pressure from an exponential growth in the scale and complexity of needs. This demands digital transformation in healthcare.

The growing gap between demand and supply is being exacerbated by heightened public expectation for personalized care. Digital health technology, allied with data, offers a way forward.  It can increase scarce capacity, enable flexible person-centric services, and reduce friction between care organizations. However, the complexity of systems across multiple health and social care services, and the challenges of legacy technical debt, are barriers to change.

Transforming with digital technology in healthcare

We’re improving the patient experience with digital transformation in healthcare. From strategy and modelling to intelligent automation, EPR implementation, and product engineering, we deliver sustained value. How? With user-centered design, data-driven innovation, and the digital technology needed to scale new models of public healthcare.

AI and the future of healthcare

Using artificial intelligence to aid healthy aging.

What we do

Health and social care that’s designed to meet the needs of the individual, whether at home, in the community, or in hospital is a public sector imperative. Healthcare professionals too expect a better workplace experience enabled by digital technology in healthcare.

Access to timely data that can be shared within data ecosystems enhances patient flow and informs better care decisions. We build digital platforms offering a unified, transparent, and secured route to connecting data for the delivery of personalized care along the patient pathway.

From improved and faster diagnostics with artificial intelligence, to more efficient resource management addressing capacity and budget challenges, we help public healthcare providers use analytics, data, and digital health technology to accelerate their digital transformation.

From aging buildings that waste energy to carbon-hungry vehicle fleets, public healthcare is in need of a sustainability transformation. Connected technology offers the ability to account for energy consumption, with CO2 dashboards informing carbon reduction strategies and driving sustainability in behaviors.

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      Meet our experts

      Elin Heir

      Sector Lead Healthcare, Norway
      “Healthcare is changing fast, with accelerating technological developments, shifting demographics, and medical advances that enable us to treat more patients and more diseases. This puts increased pressure on the economy and our healthcare services. Digitalization and human-centered design are key to raising the quality of healthcare, and making life easier and healthier for both the public and healthcare professionals.”

      Richard Haynes

      Segment Leader, Health and Social Care
      “Digital, analytics and AI could enable a system-wide approach to prevention, enablement, and service productivity. Covid-19 has proven the need for a step-change and we must influence behaviors, tackle misinformation, improve access to care and join-up data and services. We have a duty to transform public health, enabling populations to thrive and making healthcare affordable for the long term.”

      Dr Soumya Sampada

      Senior Director Industry and Innovation, Global Public Sector