Virtual Delivery Center

An innovative solution that delivers intelligently automated business operations

Faced with the huge costs of integrating multiple and discrete ERPs, businesses are opting for alternative options such as offshoring or limiting the levels of customer acquisition and retention.

Activate your virtual workforce

The Virtual Delivery Center is an innovative solution that brings together the governance, technology, methodology and skills required to deliver intelligently automated business operations. The Virtual Delivery Center provides a virtual workforce of robots and platform delivery to power your business operations.

By leveraging the Virtual Delivery Center’s elastic scalability, your organization can become more responsive, relevant and intuitive as it benefits from the combination of multiple technologies with different attributes all working together as, what we term, the “Five Senses of Intelligent Automation.”

The Virtual Delivery Center provides value to:

  • Your customers and end-users – through customized and industrialized robotic “artefacts” that enable easy-to-use, extremely reliable and intuitive end-user interfaces.
  • Your business – as a robust and scalable robot factory, the Virtual Delivery Center has the skills and technology required to deliver a controlled, flexible and agile platform. This enables your business to rapidly reap the benefits of a well-implemented, competently controlled and intelligently automated environment.
  • Your IT – built on world-leading technology that is cost-effective to operate, easy to deploy and maintain, secure and compliant, the Virtual Delivery Center delivers incremental gains in the efficiency of your ERP and CRM, even across systems that are already well-configured.

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Virtual Delivery Center – enabling intelligent automation

Navigating the uncharted waters of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence