IBAS – a fully integrated health care insurance solution

“IBAS is a fully integrated service. Unlike many others, our claim solution is completely integrated with our care management platform providing cost-effective, robust services to any size of healthcare insurer.” – Anup Kumar, Head of IBAS, Capgemini Business Services

Facing a challenging healthcare marketplace

The Medicare and long-term care (LTC) markets are facing unprecedented challenges. Inefficient processes underpowered by legacy IT systems are impacting profit margins as marketing and sales costs are rising, creating an increased gap between what is being promised and what is being delivered.

This is having a negative effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty and is driving the cost of customer retention and acquisition even higher.

Boosting profit and improving customer satisfaction

Capgemini’s Integrated Business Administration Services (IBAS) provides an integrated technology and operations platform for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers, and Medicare providers in the North American market.

IBAS promises to reduce reserve allocation and time to market for a new product launch, lower administration costs, and increase policy holder satisfaction.

IBAS – A credible, proven and innovative platform

Capgemini has been processing claims and performing other administrative services as a licensed Third Party Administrator (TPA) for health insurers for more than twenty years.

During that time, our IBAS platform has become a leading platform for Medicare and long-term care providers who seek to boost competitiveness through innovation.

Across the United States, Capgemini is among the largest independent TPA providers, managing over 3.5million policies—or over $800million in premiums —annually.

But the numbers are not everything. IBAS is an innovative, modern, highly efficient shared-services platform which combines automation and straight-through processing with an unrivalled ability to deploy.


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To find out more about IBAS and Capgemini’s ITOPS platforms: Email businessservices@capgemini.com


IBAS for Life and Annuities

Improve the performance of your Life and Annuities product

IBAS for Medicare Supplement

Improve the performance of your Medicare Supplement product