Mobile Solutions

In the wake of seemingly insatiable consumer demand for mobility, we help our clients grasp the scope of the change as well as the trends it engenders to securely navigate this exciting new playing field. Find out more.

Over the last decade the focus of our Capgemini Mobile Solutions practice has evolved with the industry. Starting from app centricity in the beginning, to seamless omni-channel enablement, and now, a standardized digital CX realization.

Our Mobility Solutions Domains

Capgemini provides our clients with an end-to-end strategy to address the challenges and opportunities that mobility implies. Our practices address four major domains:

Business to customer (B2C): the development of mobile apps and design of services focused on consumer experience. Some of the apps include:

  • Mobile banking and financial transactions
  • Mobile commerce and shopping
  • Mobile app stores
  • Mobile self-care
  • Loyalty and rewards
  • Digital media and communications
  • Marketing, search, navigation and ads
  • Social networking and collaboration.

For more information please see Mobile Apps Factory and Mobile User Experience and Design.

Business to employee (B2E): the development of applications and solutions aimed at improving the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise workforce, using digital channels. Mobility use is increasing significantly in this space, with strong requirements in device diversity and capabilities as well as in offline/online transparency. Some of the apps include:

  • Enterprise HR applications—leave, travel, collaboration, expense management, performance management, etc.
  • Field force applications—inventory management, inspection, logistics, shipment, delivery, etc.
  • Sales force applications—configure price and quote, quote to cash, opportunity and leads, lead to revenue management
  • Customer service applications—tickets and incident management, work order management, etc.

Enterprise Enablement (EE): embracing all the transversal capabilities and technologies enabling Mobility B2C and B2E applications implementation, rollout, and management. For example:

  • Product engineering—the design, manufacture, management, and interconnection of devices
  • Clients’ App Factories—helping our client set up and run their own “Digital Factories”
  • Middleware/iPaaS rollout for mobile transformations—including asset and fleet management, device management, associated infrastructure, configuration/rollouts/updates, and security.

Our Technology Focus

We also have a strong technology focus which encompasses a wide range of strategy, design, development, validation, and deployment offerings addressing:

  • Native technologies including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Cross platform and hybrid offerings in Xamarin, Cordova
  • Web application containerization with HTML5/CSS3, Angular, SAPUI5, Fiori, and salesforce lightning.