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Transforming customer experiences through innovation and collaboration.

The Capgemini Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Foundry is a collaborative and dynamic environment for ideation and innovation in the field of customer experience. Fostering collaboration with our clients and partners, it operates as a global delivery incubation hub for addressing the current and future business needs of our clients worldwide, in all industries.

Helping our clients deliver innovative, transformational customer experience faster and at scale

The Capgemini DCX Foundry redefines the way customer experience (CX) is crafted, blending technology, design, and data-driven insights to create immersive and impactful solutions, that drive business outcome. By adopting a customer journey-centric approach combined with industry-tailored strategies, we customize each customer experience to align with their unique business requirements, moving beyond just technology-centric solutions.  

The Capgemini DCX Foundry has built an asset store of 700+ assets and a diverse range of methodologies, tools and accelerators covering various domains such as marketing, sales, service, and commerce. Leveraging the expertise of CX architects and technology specialists, our differentiator rests in our rapid solution deployment, seamlessly transitioning the innovations from concept to live environments.

Enhancing the customer experience

At the DCX Foundry, we focus on several aspects to enhance the customer experience:

  • Balancing digital agility and industrialization for enhanced customer experience
    We create an environment that harmonizes digital agility and industrialization, delivering a superior customer experience at scale, transcending conventional approaches.
  • Leading design-driven customer experiences
    The DCX Foundry pioneers design-led customer experiences at scale through an innovative framework that blends innovation and scalability, redefining customer-centric design.
  • Exploring next-gen concepts through experience-led design
    The DCX Foundry focuses on experience-led design to deliver scalable customer experiences and explore future possibilities, driving us to redefine user-centric solutions and the customer experience landscape.

The DCX Foundry has been enriched with generative AI use cases across industries and business functions. It will help our clients deliver hyper-personalized, data-driven customer experiences by automating customized content creation in a secure, ethical, and responsible manner. Read more about our Generative AI for CX Foundry for clients using Salesforce.

Meet our expert

Darshan Shankavaram

Executive Vice President, Digital Customer Experience Global Practice Leader
Darshan is globally accountable for directing and building the Capgemini Group’s capabilities, delivery, service and portfolio for its 25,000 strong Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Practice. He has over 30 years of industry experience, including 15 years in Digital and Mobile. With his vast knowledge of business consulting, domain, and technical implementations, he has successfully led many large CX transformation programs.