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ADMnext for SAP Solutions


The enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is rapidly evolving beyond labor arbitrage, scaling, offshoring, cost cutting, and economies of scale. To effectively harness everything that the future of ERP has to offer the management of your business – and the customers you deliver to – it’s essential to modernise and integrate your legacy ERP.

Next-level ERP for your business: Combining SAP and ADM services to become the Renewable Enterprise

SAP is the market leader in providing innovative, world-class ERP solutions that can unify your business and truly revolutionise it – simplifying your path to the digital economy. And ADM technologies and approaches can help take this world-class ERP to the next level. At the intersection of these two solutions is something we call the Renewable Enterprise.

In becoming a Renewable Enterprise, you’ll be able to utilise AI and embedded analytics, DevOps, Cloud architecture, APIs, and Microservices to completely reimagine your organisation, unlock new business value, and outpace competition. However, the key to successfully actualising your Renewable Enterprise vision lies in sourcing a capable SAP partner that can drive lean, ADM-enabled, comprehensive ERP transformation.

ADMnext for SAP Solutions: Securing your end-to-end journey to the Renewable Enterprise

ADMnext for SAP Solutions enables you to create the future enterprise you want. We accomplish this through combining Capgemini’s deep SAP expertise with everything ADMnext has to offer and help you to:

  • Transform your entire operations with Adaptive ADM Services: Transitioning, moving to Managed Services, and Intelligent Automation
  • Visualise your IT estate with Modernisation Services: Drive product-based service models across business and IT – and IT Estate modernisation powered by Cloud and Data
  • Deliver tangible results with Business Insightful Services: Industry-benchmarked SAP best practices through Business Command Centre with SAP
  • Innovate with Emerging Services & Products: Exploiting SAP through new products and services, and new business models via RISE with SAP and Industry 4.0

Through these services, we enable your transformation by better converging your business and IT to exploit the newest technological trends, apply simplified, microservices-based architectures, and utilise emerging business components to create maximum impact. We structure and execute this transformation through our Digital Core with SAP S/4HANA offer and help you address your legacy software, IT estate, and ADM service concerns – and are committed to helping you satisfy all your business objectives.

In realising their Renewable Enterprise visions with ADMnext for SAP Solutions, our clients have been able to:

  • Attain $1.4 million in savings over 3.5 years, 27% year-on-year revenue growth, and $300M in revenue contribution 
  • Gain greater user-friendliness, flexibility, system reliability, scalability, and data insights
  • Reap 10% in TCO savings, reduce tickets by 30%, and achieve over 25% faster time-to-market.

To begin your journey to the Renewable Enterprise with ADMnext for SAP Solutions, contact us here.

Capgemini recognised as a ‘Leader’ in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SAP S/4 HANA Application Services

Digital core transformation with SAP S/4HANA®

Embracing the pivotal moment to build the renewable enterprise

Client stories

Meet our experts

Gary James

Head of ADMnext offer  – Europe
I lead the development and market engagement for Capgemini’s European ADM Center of Excellence. Building on over 25 years of experience in business applications, I work with clients to ensure that their application strategies and services are aligned to their requirements in a dynamic, ever-changing market. The majority of those 25 years have been spent on, or around, SAP technologies and services where I have worked globally on a number of implementations – as well as the creation of Operating Models to support and enhance existing multi-component SAP landscapes.

Elisabetta Spontoni

Expert in SAP Lifecycle

Clifton Menezes

Expert in Cloud, DCX, Solution Architecture Java CSD
“We see our ADMnext engagements as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our customers by supporting them in their transformation journey as a trusted partner. Our approach is end-to-end, encompasses all layers of the stack, and is aimed at elevating customer experience and uplifting business value, while demonstrating our cost-effectiveness, transformational abilities, and agility.”