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Enabling the Renewable Enterprise with ADMnext and SAP

How IT organisations can effectively capitalise on the evolving SAP product suite

The pace of change over the past few years has been rapidly accelerating and new opportunities are appearing daily – but the world also now seems to be in a perma-crisis. The new SAP product suite is evolving to keep up across both fronts, but what can IT organisations do to make the most of these new technologies?

How can you build on the strengths of the past while bringing in best practices for the future as an Intelligent Enterprise?

Our latest POV “EVOLVE SAP THROUGH CONTINUOUS DELIVERY AND INNOVATION – Rethinking your current approach will ensure sustainable success into the future” explores these questions.

In this fresh thought leadership piece, we break down exactly how you can help clients quickly implement market-leading innovation solutions with the new SAP product suite – and enable their IT to deliver exactly what their business needs. 

Download the PoV above and contact our experts below to begin your change journey on your path to the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP S/4HANA® and ADMnext.

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Meet our experts

Gary James

Head of ADMnext offer  – Europe
I lead the development and market engagement for Capgemini’s European ADM Center of Excellence. Building on over 25 years of experience in business applications, I work with clients to ensure that their application strategies and services are aligned to their requirements in a dynamic, ever-changing market. The majority of those 25 years have been spent on, or around, SAP technologies and services where I have worked globally on a number of implementations – as well as the creation of Operating Models to support and enhance existing multi-component SAP landscapes.

Darren While

Senior SAP Transformation Program Advisor
I work within the Capgemini Global SAP CoE team and have over 27 years of experience supporting global organizations across multiple industries on their transformation journeys. I bring the necessary experience to help clients shape and deliver large-scale business transformations utilizing modern SAP technologies. I’m passionate about delivering business value using technology and providing organizations with solutions that enable the necessary agility to thrive in the digital economy.