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Reinventing work

ReCulturing the workplace

New research might change the way we think about our company culture.

In this episode of Future Sight, host Claudia Crummenerl speaks to Melissa Daimler, whose new book, ReCulturing, explores the challenges that companies face when looking to change their old practices, and posits a new way forward for organisations to develop an effective culture.

Traditionally, company cultures have always been the domain of HR, or an afterthought to success involving ping-pong tables and staff bonus packages. For many, the concept of changing an entire organisation’s way of doing things seemed daunting, a task that fell well behind hitting targets and ensuring the basic welfare of staff.

The pandemic changed all that. Today things have truly started to shift, and organisations actively search for new approaches to the work life balance. People are realising the vital importance of creating a dynamic and effective company culture that fosters productivity, welfare, and growth.

041: ReCulturing (feat. Melissa Daimler) Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

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Claudia Crummenerl

Expert in commercial, Market access, real world evidence