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Data and AI

RealiSe a future where data empowers your decisions.

Everest Group’s perspective on collaborative data ecosystems, the state of external data adoption across a range of sectors, and its possibilities and challenges for future adoption

Across all sectors, companies must transform and keep pace with digital innovation – using data to unlock greater efficiency and powering the business ideas that will define the future. Right now, only 39% of organisations are successfully turning data-driven insights into sustained competitive advantage. 43% can monetise their external data and insights through products and services. These figures will rise over the next 3-5 years, exacerbated by the upward trend of firms leveraging ecosystems. Now, more than ever, those tasked with driving their industry forward, need to look beyond internal data and embrace the trend of leveraging external data, no matter how uncomfortable that may feel.

This Everest Group report examines the state of external data adoption across a range of sectors, the booming ecosystem network, and how organisations need to reimagine data sourcing and consumption.

In this paper, Everest Group explores the following topics:

  • The role of external data in enterprise analytics
  • Booming supply side: rich ecosystem of external data providers
  • Adoption challenges despite the positive outlook and rich supply ecosystem
  • Enterprise considerations to maximise value from external data