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890 by Capgemini

890 by Capgemini.
Data-powered decisions, delivered with confidence.

Don’t get left behind, replace mystery with mastery

Data holds infinite possibilities – now is the time to activate its full potential. Get to know the data that will help you do better business. Make the most out of data. Let it inform you, so you can enable change, speed decision-making, flex and grow at scale, increase efficiency, automate processes and make products that will truly connect with your customers. That’s where 890 by Capgemini comes in. See us as the enablers of your data mastery. 

Liberate the unknown, from just one interface

890 by Capgemini is an activator of data analytics. Available on any cloud, and with a single interface, it puts you at the helm, ready to engage with the kind of insights that deliver real business outcomes, at speed and scale. 

To take huge steps forward, begin on solid ground

The key is finding the data that’s right for you, easily and quickly. By combining an extensive ecosystem of industry-specific, open, and exclusive sources with your own data, we can help you create specific insights that allow you to make key decisions with confidence. Trusted, robust, and curated to your needs – so you can be more confident about taking your business forward. 

Customer Data Analytics Platform for Business Decision Making - 890 by Capgemini

With 890 by Capgemini, confidence leads to results

Whether you’re starting out, or already on your way to becoming a Data Master, we’ll advance and accelerate your data-powered journey. A simple plugin with access to a dynamic plethora of Exchanges tailored for you: 

Data Exchange 
Combines trusted and curated datasets from a comprehensive 
ecosystem of third-party data providers and internal data to build data-powered solutions and generate insights. 

Insights Exchange 
Empowers consumption of analytics solutions built by experts leveraging internal and external data to power business decisions. 

Outcome Exchange 
Facilitates impact-driven outcomes by equipping you with powerful analytical services to improve 

We’re all about empowerment

One interface. One trusted, aggregated source. Delivering the power of now for users of the data-driven organization: 

Looking for your competitive edge? – Speed counts, so does trust

As you would expect, we’re backed by strong governance, privacy, security, and compliance. And As you would expect, we’re backed by strong governance, privacy, security, and compliance. And seamlessly able to rapidly integrate into your existing digital ecosystem and data platform – activating trusted data to get ahead and stay ahead. 

So ask yourself, what business decision can we help you with today?

Meet our experts

Mukesh Jain

Head of Innovation and Strategic Asset, Capgemini
“The right solution will allow businesses to become Data Masters. They have developed strong capabilities to harness their data – both in terms of the tools and technology required, and the DNA within the organization that encourages data analysis and data-driven decision-making”