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Intelligent industry

Frictionless Future with Intelligent Products and Services

Much has already been said about what intelligent products can do for business; the question now is, how?

Can costs be saved through the implementation of intelligent products and services? How can businesses create an ecosystem from intelligent services that multiply their value?

In the latest episode of Future Sight, Elisabet Svensson and Nicolas Rousseau discuss these questions and more. They explore the ways that intelligent products and services may benefit early adopters in the manufacturing industry and look at the rise of the Smart Services as a Service industry.
As businesses look for ways to expand their value streams, partnerships to create an intelligent product ecosystem may be the way forward.

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About the Speakers

Elisabet Svensson

Global Strategy Director, Innovation & Digital Solutions at SKF Group
Elisabet has more than 15 years of experience in lean and agile leadership in the automation and software industry and has led strategic partnerships with Telia and Microsoft creating new business for both parties. In addition to her current position as Global Strategy Director at SKF AB, she has also worked in roles including CEO and COO in Axiell, Cactus, and Volvo.