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All roads lead to sustainability

Inside the drive for a sustainable automotive industry

Electric vehicles and sustainability go hand in hand, right? Can there be more improvement in the production lifecycle? Can we rethink supply chain networks to make the automotive industry sustainable end-to-end?

Yes, but there is still a long road ahead to achieve ambitious net-zero targets.

In the latest episode of Future Sight, Siegfried Adam, Markus Winkler, and Sheila Patel discuss a multitude of possible solutions to automotive sustainability issues with host Liz Lugnier.

Electric vehicles are a big piece of the puzzle, but they’re only really sustainable in one stage of their life cycle. The manufacture and disposal of EVs – and their batteries in particular – that’s where things get interesting. Tune in to our podcast to know more.

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About the Speakers

Siegfried Adam

Director, Global Lead Sustainable Mobility, Capgemini Invent
Director for Automotive consulting and Global Lead for sustainable mobility in Capgemini Invent. He has been working with major automotive OEMs, suppliers, and cities on digitalizing and electrifying cars as well as in the shared mobility space for more than 10 years.

Sheila Patel

Vice President of Capgemini Invent
Sheila is a Vice President of Capgemini Invent. She brings a perspective on how to execute sustainable change in automotive OEMs now and in the future. She has spent her career helping companies incorporate technologies to solve business problems via applying talents.

Markus Winkler

Executive Vice President – Global Automotive Sector, Capgemini
Markus Winkler works with teams across the world, helping clients shape their mobility strategies and invent what’s next in the rapidly changing automotive industry. Markus asserts that car-sharing, electrification, and mass-transit systems will change the face of mobility at local, and global levels.