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Future Sight Podcast

As business and technology move forward at a rapid rate it has become increasingly important to explore new ways to adapt and grow for the future.

This podcast is your guide to that future journey.

Join us as we explore a new topic in business, technology and transformation. Find out more about the challenges businesses are facing today – and what can they expect in the future?

Listen to leading industry experts as they break down need-to-know, actionable approaches with strategic insights and provide tangible takeaways.

035: Connecting the Future in Business with 5G Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

With the future of business looking more remote, mobile, and interconnected, the arrival of 5G connectivity is signaling a new revolution in how industries operate. 5G presents new opportunities for automation, remote working, and edge computing, so on this week's episode we discuss how can you harness the power of 5G for your business.A big thank you to today's guests, Fotis Karonis, Executive Vice President and Group Lead for Capgemini’s 5G and Edge computing business, Pierre Fortier, Vice President and 5G Global Lead at Capgemini Invent, and Nadine Allen, Ericsson’s Head of Enterprise Business, Market Area South East Asia, Oceania & India.This episode was hosted by Liz Lugnier and produced by Theresa Ignatius.This series was created for Capgemini Invent by Adrift Entertainment.This podcast is brought to you by Capgemini Invent. You can find out more about them at and follow them on Twitter
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