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Beyond the messy middle of data-driven marketing

Is too much data a bad thing for marketers? Find out in our podcast.

When it comes to data it seems that you can have too much of a good thing! Now that data is bombarding marketing teams in ever-increasing volumes from more and more consumer touchpoints, there’s a danger of losing sight of what it’s for.

Join Bhavesh Unadkat and Jordan Fisher of frog, part of Capgemini Invent, and Unilever’s Michael Brooks as they debate the future of data-driven marketing with show host Liz Lugnier.

New regulations (think the death of cookies), rising consumer expectations, and automation tech are having a big impact on brand tactics relating to data. Marketers must find new approaches to using data in a meaningful way or risk alienating once-loyal customers.

Our experts argue that a good data-led marketing campaign begins with agreement on what you are using the data for — your purpose. Who do you want to target? What kind of message do you want to get across? What action does want them to take?

Tune in to the podcast as we explore what’s needed to build a modern data strategy, from the moments that matter to your customers and the challenges of enabling them to opt-out, to brand partnerships and getting the right balance between automated and human customer engagement.

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Our Speakers

Michael Brooks

Senior Audience Development & Performance Marketing Data Manager at Unilever
Michael is a Senior Audience Development & Performance Marketing Data Manager at Unilever. As a data driven marketing professional, he is experienced in digital and data marketing, web analytics, media technology and digital transformation. He is currently providing thought leadership for Unilever’s People Data Centre on their global 1st Party audience strategy, data driven marketing operations, and performance marketing data capabilities.

Bhavesh Unadkat

Vice President, Head of Marketing Services, frog
As our Activation expert, Bhavesh partners with clients to design and implement innovative marketing and loyalty programs with a focus on personalization and strengthening engagement with your brand.

Jordan Fisher

Senior Manager – Marketing Strategy & Digital Transformation @ frog, Capgemini Invent
Jordan is a Senior Manager, Brand & Content at frog, part of Capgemini Invent. Jordan has 9 years of professional experience across Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation, Data Driven Marketing, Loyalty and CRM. He has significant experience in the Consumer Products, Retail and Automotive sectors.