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Championing Data Protection and Privacy

Turning compliance into competitive advantage

Compliance is the way of the future as we move forward in the digital century. And we should apply it head on. The GDPR was the first, most high-profile data protection and privacy regulation, but it’s certainly not the last. So is there something organisations can do to comply with existing and prepare for upcoming regulations – a way to turn this new reality into competitive advantage?

Compliance in the digital century

In the new report from the Capgemini Research Institute, Championing data protection and privacy – a source of competitive advantage in the digital century, we wanted to assess the current state of play and compare and contrast the characteristics of firms that are compliant with the regulation against those that are not. We found that:

  • Compliance is below par – fewer than 30% of companies claim to be compliant with the GDPR
  • Achieving compliance is no mean feat – legacy IT systems emerges as the biggest challenge
  • Proactive compliance brings benefits – including positive impact on the organisation’s revenues, customer trust, brand image, and improved cybersecurity practices.

Be proactive

As companies struggle to meet compliance requirements, they must remember that data protection and privacy is a continuous process that demands proactive and ongoing performance monitoring and improvement. Companies that want to secure a competitive advantage should therefore both promote this mindset among their employees and integrate advanced technologies to boost data discovery, data management, data quality, cybersecurity, and information security efficiencies.

Achieve and maintain the unavoidable opportunity with Capgemini’s GDPR and Data Privacy Services

GDPR has now been in effect for over a year, and we are starting to see similar regulations being implemented across the globe. 

We can implement practical solutions to help you achieve and maintain compliance and use data more strategically to benefit from the many opportunities that effective Data Privacy offers–in terms of greater trust and competitiveness. And we do so in the most cost-effective way possible. Our thousands of professionals in all regions deliver agility in both our working practices and digital capabilities, providing strategic consultancy and hands-on implementation across the GDPR and general Data Privacy lifecycle. They ensure organisations get access to deep experience in the domains that truly matter: Change Management and Digital Transformation, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Security & Protection and Data Management and Governance. We’re able to design and hardwire increased trust across the entire process, safeguarding the personal data rights of individual citizens, customers and employees – and turning that into wider operational and business gains.

Our approach to achieve and sustain compliance and help you take advantage of the opportunity, is built around the comprehensive portfolio of modular and scalable services below. Let us show you how accelerating your Data Privacyjourney can bring significant benefits and competitive advantage. If you wonder whether you’ve missed out on the advantages, the development of proof of concepts can help guide decisions. If you need to make sure you remain compliant our As-a-Service, cloud-based models allow you to start small and cost effectively.

Assessment Services: Delivers a view on your processing compliance, strategic vision, Data Privacy awareness and integrates all internal and external teams.

Program Services: Designs the program to get you moving towards Data Privacy compliance and allows you to adapt and customise regulatory principles to your specific challenges, context, processes and culture.

Data Discovery Services: Allows you to understand and document where personal data exists throughout your organisation and is the starting point for many aspects of Privacy Regulation, such as responding to access requests

Data lifecycle services: Privacy requires organisations to only use as much data as is required to successfully complete a given task. It cannot be reused for another purpose without further consent a valid legal ground (such as consent). Individuals have the right to request that their data to be erased after a specific task, and our lifecycle services ensure that care is taken during the creation, processing and disposal of data.

Consent and Individual’s Rights Management Services: Analyses where consent is needed and how it can be (re)obtained. Implements processes and systems, which allow individuals to invoke their rights, such as the right to access their data and the right to be forgotten.

Pseudonymising Services: Provides role-based access, masked and anonymised data for purposes like testing, marketing and analytics, and allows you to share data with external and internal audiences.

Data Protection Services: Defines and implements controls and solutions to ensure the proper protection of structured and unstructured data, and so reduce risk. Controls include access, encryption, key management and database access monitoring.

Breach Management and Reporting Services: Security-operations-center-as-a-Service for monitoring external threats and vulnerabilities, plus Data-leak-prevention-as-a-Service for monitoring personal data repositories and flows.

Assurance Services: Once you are compliant, our Assurance Services ensure you remain so by monitoring, maintaining and updating your systems, processes and policies.