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Pru shares her story about returning to work with the Capgemini Relaunch Programme

Pru McCarney
20 Oct 2022

Pru McCarney shares her incredibly moving story about returning to work with the Capgemini Relaunch programme. Devastating loss, resilience and finding her confidence again, Pru explains how she was introduced to the Capgemini Relaunch programme.

My name is Pru, I’m 48 and I have 2 little girls and a dog called Gary Barlow.

7 years ago I was made redundant from my job as a PMO, which I loved. In the same month, our youngest daughter was diagnosed with Autism, so we made a conscious decision as a family that my Husband would continue in his role and I would stay at home. 6 months later, our cockapoo joined the family, so I started The Little Dog Walking company just to stop me going stir crazy at home all day. I built up a hugely successful company, but when Covid hit, all of my customers started working from home and I lost a huge portion of business.

In August 2020, my husband passed away after a short and very sudden illness, so I needed to make a decision. Do I go back to work..? Who will want me? I haven’t been in a job for so long and so much has changed.

Pru’s friend, a long time Capgemini employee, suggested she looked at returning to work via the Relaunch programme…

I was approached by a friend who has worked for Capgemini for over 20 years and she told me about the Relaunch programme, and although I thought it was too good to be true, I applied and was astonished when I received the call that I was being offered a role.

Immediately the nerves set in, what if I cant do it? What if I’ve forgotten everything? What if I’m in an office full of bright young things and I’m just too old for this..? My start date was getting closer and closer and the worries came back – have I made a huge mistake? Was it too late to change my mind?

As Pru will tell you herself, her first day went better than she could have imagined.

I really shouldn’t have worried, as on my first day, I logged on, had a video call and then decided I would just go into the office to meet my team, who are incredible. Welcoming, supportive, patient and knowledgeable.

Yes, it’s all a little strange going back into the workplace, and the new regime of hybrid working took me a long time to get used to, but the level of re-training on soft skills (especially video calling) that is so readily available and accessible is really encouraging, it’s good to know that the added support is there.

“Your success is Capgemini’s success”

I would whole heartedly recommend anyone looking to go back into work after a career break to apply. Yes, it did make me doubt my ability and I did question my confidence, but your success is Capgemini’s success so everyone is rooting for you to do well.
The only person standing in your way is yourself and you can do this. Have courage in your convictions and you will go far.

The Capgemini Relaunch programme

If you’re currently having a career break of 18 months or more and you’re considering going back to work, then Capgemini’s Relaunch programme could be exactly the opportunity you need to take that first step. You do not need to have worked at Capgemini before to join the programme, it is open to all, providing you are currently having a career break for 18 months or more.

We are hiring across all areas of the business and beyond, and we would love to hear from you.

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