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Growth in the cloud. How to get the flywheel turning and accelerate your journey as a retailer

Cloud is key for retailers, offering the foundation to scale and adapt new digital offerings in real time, as well as understand and shape customer interactions with greater insight into their preferences. With our unique approach to transformation, inspired by the Flywheel methodology, Capgemini can help your business to overcome cloud inertia and go for growth. 

To remain competitive and meet customer expectations, retailers need to be able to adapt, develop new services and deliver consistently at scale. Cloud technology underpins this, with the ability to collate and use customer and operational data to create efficiencies and hone services. 

Benefits of the cloud for retail: 

  • Transforming infrastructure to achieve greater scalability and increase data capacity, availability and performance. 
  • Building new, flexible financial models based on increased visibility and better-informed commercials.  
  • Driving business development and innovation, on a platform that supports rapid technical improvements.  
  • Gaining consistent feedback from customers about how services are meeting their needs.  

Download our Retail Cloud eBook to learn how we have helped a luxury fashion retailer and global home furnishings brand to get their cloud flywheel turning, and find out how you can accelerate your journey.

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