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Business Operations Analyst

Studying Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship at Aston University


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Business analysis

My favourite thing about working at Capgemini its diverse and inclusive work culture. I appreciate the opportunity to work alongside professionals from various backgrounds, which fosters collaboration and encourages fresh perspectives.

What is your favourite Capgemini value and why?

One of Capgemini’s core values is “Fun.” This value emphasises the importance of enjoying what you do and fostering a positive work environment. This value resonates with me and many other employees because it promotes a culture of collaboration, creativity, and engagement. When we have fun at work, it often leads to increased morale, better teamwork, and ultimately, enhanced productivity and innovation. 

What is it that you do? Please include programme, job title, business area, etc 

I am on the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship and my role is a Business Operations Analyst working within the Bus Ops Hub. The Bus Ops Hub was created this year and we have begun to improve processes within business operations to ensure that we work as efficiently as possible. I have taken part in leading discovery sessions, created automations and created SharePoint sites. 

What does a day in the life look like for you?

My day starts off with a team call, “The Daily Stand-Up Call”, where we share our priorities of the day and raise any concerns or blockers.  

Following this call, I have tasks from my manager often involving research and discussions with different stakeholders. Continuous communication with my manager is a key aspect, as I provide updates on my progress throughout the day.  

After completion of these tasks, I will complete activities for resourcing a long side any finance-based tasks. Throughout the day, I will also be attending meetings and replying to emails.  

What advice would you give to students looking to apply to Capgemini?

I would say if you aren’t sure what you want to do don’t jump at university because your friends are. Get different jobs and explore as much as possible to be able to recognise what you love doing. 

Be yourself, understanding and researching about Capgemini will benefit you and will help you know what sort of company we are. Don’t shy away, show what you are passionate about and be authentic. 

What is the Learning & Development like at Capgemini?

There is a strong emphasis on employee growth. I enjoy the access to various training programs, workshops, and resources that allow me to continually develop my skills and knowledge in the field of business operations. Earning my first promotion within just 10 months of joining Capgemini stands as a compelling testament to their unwavering commitment to nurturing our professional growth and advancement. 

Career paths

Take the first steps in a bold new direction. A career at Capgemini offers you the opportunity to follow an existing passion or cultivate new ones. Develop your career in the direction you want to take it.

Bring your mastery and experience to a global business that values and celebrates its experts, and we will provide you with the opportunity to take the next meaningful step in your career journey.

Developing our leaders is one of Capgemini’s key priorities. We have designed leading-edge learning initiatives specifically for helping you as an executive to enhance your people and business skills.