Gaining the skills needed to get ahead.

As a key player in the IT and professional services industry, we want to inspire more young people to choose a career in IT, or to leave education with the best IT skills they can. After all, even if you don’t expect to join a company like Capgemini, there are few professional careers where great IT skills aren’t needed.

Supporting young people

We work with schools because we know that they play a key role in fostering talent and giving young people the skills they need to become valued members of society.  As a large corporate business we can support young people as they make their way into the working world.

Our 2018/19 achievements

Over the last academic year we have worked with 6900 students including over 3,500 young ladies.

Almost 500 of our people have volunteered to support students and over 200 students have had the opportunity to meet with Capgemini professionals 4 or more times.

To find out more, take a look at the report here.

Our work supports:

  • IT skills and careers – showcasing opportunities in digital media, testing and architecture
  • Business awareness  – basic commercial awareness, project management, and the breadth and variety of roles in large corporate organisations
  • Communication and teamwork – generating ideas, effective team work, and communicating differently
  • Employability skills – from mock interviewing and CV writing, to basic numeracy

Students on our Schools Programme get a taste of a wide range of business careers. We encourage employees at all levels to get involved, so young people can meet and discuss career options with professionals at all roles and levels.

Committed to nurturing talent, skills and creativity

Our Schools Programme has three streams:

With youth unemployment hitting the headlines, we are more committed than ever to nurturing the talent, skills and creativity of young people in the UK to help them fulfil their potential. In recognition of this work we were awarded a Business in the Community (BITC) Big Tick award in May 2012.

  • Insight events
  • Work experience
  • Support for local and national programmes such as Business in the Community, Inspiring the Future, Behind the Screen and Westminster Council’s Apprentice Club

We work closely with organisations like Business in the Community (BITC) and e-skills UK to support programmes that promote IT and business skills.

We are currently supporting Inspiring the Future, Behind the Screen and Westminster Council’s Apprentice Club.

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