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Invent for society


Invent for Society aims to value how social impact is part of the fabric of what we do every day with our clients.

As a globally renowned technology and digital leader, we have the responsibility, the ambition and the means to contribute to solving major societal questions that are shaping our future world – and at Capgemini Invent we are contributing to realizing this ambition.

Digital technologies are causing massive global disruption. Within Capgemini Invent we leverage digital technologies and our team members are engaged in projects that shape the future in areas that include waste reduction, energy transition, education, digital inclusion, predictive healthcare, employment, poverty prevention and housing. And the list continues to grow.

Invent for Society encompasses three areas:

Shaping a regenerative future

How can the modern enterprise achieve a 45% cut in CO2 emissions by 2030 and become net zero by 2050?

Is it possible to operate a business that meets the needs of people and planet while also making a profit?

    Capgemini Invent

    How we invent for society

    One brochure, one planet, one social impact promise
    Capgemini Invent
    Download Brochure 7 MB application/pdf
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    Making a difference

    Discover more about our Invent for Society initiatives.
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