Service Integration as a Service

Navigating the Complexity of Multi-Vendor Environments

Today’s organizations are wrestling with complexity, high costs and lack of flexibility as a result of multi-sourced IT services. These providers often work independently with different agreements that offer:

  • Little connection to business goals
  • Limited standardization outside basic contract terms
  • No clear allocation of accountability
  • Costly governance

To reduce costs, accelerate time to value and ensure IT spend meets business objectives, CIOs need a service integrator that can combine multiple service elements into a coherent set of end-to-end services bound by multilateral agreements.

A Standardized Approach to Service Integration

Service Integration as a Service (SIaaS) standardizes and packages our proven service integration approach and delivers it “as a Service.” Based on our comprehensive operational blueprint, this service offers a functionally rich set of preconfigured and integrated solutions.


  • Simplified service provider management
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Shorter time to value
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced risk

Your Preferred Service Integration Partner

Three factors that make us your ideal partner for SIaaS:

  • Our mature service delivery practices
  • Our record of success in providing Service Integration, Business Process Integration and SaaS
  • Our extensive experience and knowledge of all major industry sectors

We work with you to deploy SIaaS in your business environment using our proven methods and practices. We also help you understand exactly which services you are consuming and why. You can then start focusing on making sure your business has the functionality it needs to succeed, regardless of supplier.