• The digital world is a real-time world made of instant reactions, constant innovation, nagging impatience, implosive failures, and hit-and-run successes.
  • To cope with this new reality, immediate computing like computing power spiking and ebbing, updates applied without delay, development carried out both immediately and continuously, and contained data floods are required.
  • Only the cloud can provide this level of applied digital agility. For both for IT, and perhaps more importantly, for a business, it opens up an infinite palette of possibilities, stretching both imagination and intelligence alike.


  • Take the qualities of the cloud as a rule, not an option, for your new endeavors
  • Just use cloud-base services – don’t invest in infrastructure
  • Work from what’s in the cloud catalogue, rather than re-inventing your own solutions over and over again
  • Develop continuously and in perpetuity
  • Create now, here, and together

How to?

Going 720° on the cloud unfolds in two ways:

  • The technical way: move to infrastructure-as-a-code, infrastructure provisioning automation, software “container” units of production, serverless application architectures, micro-services and software-as-a-service
  • The human way: go beyond the necessary training, develop “cloud-compatible” mentalities and the matching governance with self-organized, customer-driven, agile teams

Combine the two and create your Digital IT processes and organization at the very heart of the digital enterprise.

So what?

  • As with many advances in IT, the cloud has already generated both big hopes and crippling anxieties; they rank from fears for privacy and security breaches to the lock-in power of dominant cloud providers
  • This calls for new rules, new behaviors and a new level of transparency regarding the use of cloud solutions
  • The Edge already creates new countervailing powers, endlessly shifting the cloud’s center of gravity
  • A new benchmark is already in place both on the IT and the business sides: that’s how easy and powerful solutions should be developed and deployed