Le Roi Cloud

Each development is a cloud computing development, drawing solely on cloud resources and capabilities – computing power, memory, intelligence, paths

There’s a new ruler in town. And just like the Sun King, his reign will be long and prosperous. The cloud started as an achievement of computing as a utility, the plug to computing power. But now, it’s an overarching mindset that connotes immediate availability, maximum flexibility, continuous updates, unlimited scaling, and full connectivity. With that, just “moving to the cloud” is not enough: for the next generation of solutions to be digital, no data or catalogue can be ignored, no acceleration missed, no connection omitted, no delay accepted. Exploiting 720° of the cloud potential – in all its dimensions – is the key starting principle for the digital world. The old ways are dead. Vive le Roi!


  • The digital world is a real-time world made of instant reactions, constant innovation, nagging impatience, implosive failures, and hit-and-run successes.
  • To cope with this new reality, immediate computing like computing power spiking and ebbing, updates applied without delay, development carried out both immediately and continuously, and contained data floods are required.
  • Only the cloud can provide this level of applied digital agility. For both for IT, and perhaps more importantly, for a business, it opens up an infinite palette of possibilities, stretching both imagination and intelligence alike.


  • Take the qualities of the cloud as a rule, not an option, for your new endeavors
  • Just use cloud-base services – don’t invest in infrastructure
  • Work from what’s in the cloud catalog, rather than reinventing your own solutions over and over again
  • Evolve AI (and IoT) solutions from the cloud: train and analyze with massive cloud data and specialized computing power, consume and publish with webservices, deploy at the very edges of the cloud infrastructure – close to the action
  • Develop continuously and in perpetuity
  • Create now, here, and


Going 720° on the cloud unfolds in two ways:

  • The technical way: move to infrastructure-as-a-code, infrastructure provisioning automation, software “container” units of production, serverless application architectures, micro-services, elastic Graphic-Processor-Unit-based architectures for AI, and Software-as-a-Service.
  • The human way: go beyond the necessary training, develop “cloud-compatible” mentalities and behaviors, and the matching governance with self-organized, customer-driven, agile teams.

Combine the two and create your Digital IT processes and organization at the very heart of the digital enterprise.


  • As with many advances in IT, the cloud has already generated both big hopes and crippling anxieties; they rank from fears for privacy and security breaches to the lock-in power of dominant cloud providers.
  • This calls for new rules, new behaviors and a new level of transparency regarding the use of cloud solutions.
    • Go for a Cloud-First strategy: Cloud-Only (meaning SaaS) for non-differentiating systems, Cloud-Native for new applications and Cloud-Ready as a modernization path for existing applications.
    • Benefit from key milestones in your IT calendar – application support renewal, end of datacenter ownership, new digital initiatives, post-merger integration – to start your journey.