SMART Platform

Capgemini’s SMART analytics platform generates insights from structured and unstructured data to generate insights for business users to diagnose issues, predict outcomes, prevent failures, and prescribe improvements.

Managing data complexity

The rapid proliferation of data and diverse data formats pose significant challenges in data analysis for many global enterprises, particularly in business- critical modules such as customer segmentation and churn, campaign management, procurement and asset management.

Organizations require a robust data analytics platform, which can handle both structured and unstructured data, and generate insights for business users to diagnose issues, predict outcomes, prevent failures, and prescribe improvements.

Better insights: diagnose, predict, prevent, prescribe

Capgemini’s SMART Platform forms the foundation for a number of out-of-the-box enterprise analytics solutions, for two broad functional areas:

Customer analytics

  • ServiceSMARTDriving decisions on after-sales service improvement and customer satisfaction, focused on SLA management, asset or service request, labor utilization, etc.
  • CustomerSMART: Better understanding of customer behavior and preferences, campaign effectiveness, promotions, cross-sell/up-sell, customer retention, etc.

Operational analytics

  • HRSMARTProviding better tracking and management of human capital, and efficient workforce and performance management
  • Capgemini Smart Asset Management: Helping to optimize asset performance and asset-based services, improve availability, and efficient management of key assets critical to your organizational success
  • SpendSMART: A unified view of spend in procurement, supplier and invoice analysis, supplier ranking, purchase variance, and travel and entertainment expenses.

Benefits delivered – delivering insights for your business

Our architecture comprises layers of cutting-edge technology components, which – together with in-depth technical and domain expertise – enables us to offer the following benefits to clients:

  • Scalable and robust platform, ready to host out-of-the-box solutions for functional business users
  • Business users can investigate and visualize data using advanced analytics techniques that can be configured for a variety of users
  • Seamless integration of data from diverse sources providing in-depth analysis
  • Use of both enterprise structured data and unstructured data using  our  proprietary big data platform IV3, built on Hadoop.

Find out more

Contact our SMART Solutions team to see how our SMART Platform can be the foundation for generating valuable business insights that can help resolve complex business issues.


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